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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 16, 2016


Monday. Lights out again by ten, maybe earlier, awakening once during the night to then experience difficulty in getting back to sleep. I think. Odd to say that. Awake just before six to get up and get ready to walk to breakfast on what soon came to be a sunny morning. Gets lighter earlier every day, it does.

A blood thinner Protime test later this morning and so we'll head out by ten and return, going by Latham Square to photograph whatever progress they've been making. Still a few weeks to go said one of the civil engineers last week, but soon. Please. I'll lose my excuse to go downtown, miss out on some walking, but maybe we can substitute something for it that gets me to produce better pictures.

Later. A bus to Broadway and then a walk to the lab to have the blood drawn before going upstairs to have an insurance problem resolved, both of which went without spending a lot of time or hassle. I was thinking, as I was walking, that I was feeling pretty good, none of the funkiness or whatever it might be called of the last few days. Still the sinus-upper palate thing, but otherwise OK.

I suspect the problem I'm experiencing has to do more with the alligator brain than and conscious brain. Back when, way back when, we worried about avoiding man eating lions, tigers and bears - the vision not quite clear, the head in a bubble - meant you were more probably going to be something for dinner if you found yourself outside the cave too much of the time. These days, lions, tigers and bears are a great deal less common, but the alligator brain has yet to be informed or it's oblivious to the idea they're no longer around. And so the fear filters up from the bones, whispering, adding an unreasonable element of worry and, well, fear (oh dear) to an otherwise manageable wobble.

Well, the blood drawn, the doctor's invoice resolved, and so a bagel with cream cheese out on the patio at the café in the lobby before taking a bus to Latham Square where we did the usual round and took the usual set of pictures. Still people working, still stuff to be done.

Good timing then to catch the bus back home, the temperature up into the mid seventies and the light jacket I'd been wearing over a long sleeved shirt now too warm for any real walking (in the sun). So good, sitting here at the computer in front of the fan at noon, the tasks of the day now done. Maybe get the car serviced tomorrow morning (we've been putting that off for quite a while) and much will then have been accomplished by a Tuesday in a week. Any old reason is a good enough reason to give yourself a pat on the head, I'd say, bubbling and babbling.

Evening. Went through and processed today's pictures, watched the Noam Chomsky interview on Democracy Now and put together another section of Latham Square photographs, posting them to the HereInOakland site. We'll finish and post them to artandlife tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.