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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 18, 2016


Wednesday. A bright sun, a reasonably warm morning to awaken at a quarter before six, get up and walk to breakfast in an upbeat mood and sun glasses. It does indeed get lighter earlier as we approach the summer and every morning seems different in the increasing light. One fifty-one exactly on the scale and so we're ready for a Wednesday here in May. Let it come, he said.

Later. The camera arrived in the late morning after eleven as they've tended to arrive in the past when requiring a signature. Packages not requiring a signature most often come in the late afternoons and into the early evening and I was hoping today's delivery would follow the pattern.

I don't need this camera. It's a nice camera, but both of the what are now older ones I use are more than capable of delivering the pictures I'm after, my kind of photography doesn't really push against their limits. This new one shoots perfectly focused pictures in the dark like a machine gun. I don't need a machine gun in the dark. The dusk, maybe, but not the dark.

And so a brief walk over to the lake for a test photograph or two to find the footpath along the lake the surveyor had been running sight lines along yesterday was cordoned off with plastic netting and a crew scraping dirt off the trail and loading it into a truck. Are they going to pave this area, extend the walk path? I guess. We'll know soon enough.

Otherwise another quite warm (t-shirt weather) day. Weather Underground is saying it's up in the high seventies, but it feels warmer, warmer than yesterday's high eighties. Well, who cares? Warm out there.

Later still. Wrote a cover letter and attached copies of the invoices of the recent camera purchases to mail to the insurance people tomorrow on the way to breakfast. Forty-nice cents to make three copies at the UPS shop on Grand. Easy enough to do, no complaints, but it's also become easier and easier to put these tasks off. Good to get it done.

Evening Listened to Democracy Now, what else?, and switched the channels between various police “dramas” that run on Wednesdays, none of them particularly interesting. I understand again why there were whole years I didn't own a television set in the twenties and thirties. Maybe with cable? Could be, can't really say.

Quite warm, this evening, and so opened the bedroom window a couple of inches. Lights out again by ten, to sleep whenever.

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.