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May 1, 2015

Anything Else

Friday. And of course I'd seen last night's Inspector Lewis episode, hadn't seen the Vera episode that started at nine-forty and switched to watch Elementary at ten. I cannot explain why I stay up to watch Elementary rather than put it off until the next morning and watch it on the tablet, nor can I explain why I just don't continue to watch Vera, even with its somewhat hard to make out accents, as it's different and, well, pretty good.

Anyway, lights out after eleven leading into a difficult night's sleep, waking up too many times, turning on the radio during a couple of those times because I really couldn't get back to sleep and then awakening a full half an hour before the alarm was set, all this with a strained back muscle that added an uncomfortable ache to the mess.

Poor baby! Do we need a comforting little pat on our little head?

Now, now. Still have the sore back muscle somewhere under the left shoulder blade, but I'm also still clear headed (or at least what I call clear headed anymore), wide awake since first opening my eyes and ready to do the day. Go figure. I can't.

A walk to breakfast and back, they're saying another eighty degree high for the day (it feels like t-shirt weather right now as I write), so we'll see how long this up and at 'em morning may hold. Last night really wasn't a good night for rest and I assume it will come back to haunt, but at the moment: no ghosts.

Later. Tired, but the right kind of tired: physically tired from all the running around, rather than the fuzzy headed kind of tired, the sore muscle under the left shoulder blade still letting me know it's there.

I discovered (from reading the Chronicle) there was a May Day demonstration being held at noon today in front of the City Hall and so I took a bus downtown at eleven to see what they were talking about, discovering half the media in the area setting up their gear.

A large group that had been demonstrating at the port came marching down 14th Street carrying signs, hundreds of people, many of them I.L.W.U. and S.E.I.U. union members marching to gather in the amphitheater in front of City Hall. Union members, Black Lives Matter protesters and many of the other usual suspects gathered to listen to speakers urge on the crowd. So I took pictures.

In the middle of this I walked over to the City Center to have a fruit cup and coffee at a table in front of the bagel shop before returning to continue taking pictures, breaking finally to walk and wait at the bus stop on Broadway to find the buses weren't running.

Ah, well. A walk to Grand to have a cranberry scone by the Christ The Light Cathedral fountain before heading on to the apartment house construction site to take pictures. Certainly tired by this time and so no way I was going to get out and take them later. Not much effort to add a walk up behind the site for maybe four or five minutes of shooting.

Back now to look at the pictures, work on them while listening to the News Hour, maybe just say the hell with it and lie down for a while. Feel better, still clear headed (even after this long day and last night). The back still hurts and maybe a nap will help.

Evening. Worked on the photographs right on through the afternoon and into the evening, realizing I had enough for two sections, a decent group of pictures is now the thought.

Watch out, you're usually wondering at this point if it wouldn't have been better if you'd just said the hell with it and left the lens cap on.

We'll see. Watched, well, sort of watched, New Tricks at seven while going back and forth futzing around on the guitar and processing the photographs, they'll be ready for posting tomorrow. No complaints.

Gave up on Dalziel & Pasco after about fifteen minutes. I've seen it before, but no idea of course where it was going or how it would turn out. No problem, feeling fine, decided on bed and maybe something again on the tablet, ease ourself into this preparing for sleep again business with this aching back muscle still acting up. Did it somehow while asleep last night. I think. Don't think it's anything else.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.