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Here In Oakland

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April 30, 2015

We'll See

Thursday. Lights out by ten, sleeping straight through until fifteen minutes before the alarm, up and off to breakfast watching myself go through the morning routine, being sure we took the daily meds and pocketed the reading glasses and such only to then leave through the apartment door and see I'd forgotten to retrieve the morning papers and bring them into the kitchen to shuffle them all together to carry under my arm as I walked to breakfast. So much for adhering to the routine. At least they were obvious, sitting there in the hall.

You would have remembered them by the time you got to the elevator, even if they hadn't been sitting there propped against your door.

Yeah, yeah. Or by the time I reached the lobby, but my clear headed attention to the meds, computer, reading glasses and such deflated around my head when I realized I'd forgotten the papers before putting on my jacket and heading out with glasses and camera.

At least you hadn't forgotten the camera.

That has happened. More than once, although it, like the papers, screams a reminder before we get very far.

Later. What I'm thinking was a good night's sleep rapidly became a slow day of watching the usual stuff on the tablet in bed before finally getting up and heading out to take today's set of construction pictures. Over eighty degrees, warm, even in just the t-shirt.

Still, a walk over to the construction site doesn't qualify as a walk, so over then to the lake to snap half a dozen photographs of this and that before heading back to the apartment. Still not enough to say I've gotten in any walking for the day, but I did get in a bath before setting out. At least the hair now behaves after a good washing.

Cooler here in the apartment, we're listening to the newly released Eric Clapton Forever Man compilation. Why I bought it I have no idea. A cut or two worth hearing, but most of the recordings were bought long ago when they were released, the songs and albums from his Derek and the Dominoes period, anyway. Spending money just to spend money? Something more to put up with the many CD's I no longer play very often?

Ah, well.

Ah, well. There's a demonstration planned downtown starting tomorrow evening at seven, still light at seven. I won't go if I feel the way I feel right now, tired and slow and all that, but we'll see. Another chance for photographs of the kind I like that can be taken when it's still light. We'll note when the sun goes down tonight, might need to know that tomorrow.

Evening. An Inspector Lewis that I've probably seen before at eight, followed by the British Vera at nine-forty, Elementary interrupting it after only twenty minutes at ten. If I stay up and watch Elementary I won't get to bed until after eleven, not the best plan for someone who's complaining/concerned about his sleep. But we'll see.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.