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May 8, 2012

For An Old Fart
Tuesday. To bed last night a little late, finishing setting up a network mirrored backup drive which took six hours to configure itself into a Raid 1 mirror. But it did and it's done, ready to provide a central backup point for all the photographs. We do think about these things, we do. I have been making two backups of everything on separate drives, but this one is a lot cleaner. One drive fails, you pop it out and pop in the backup spare and it regenerates itself as it's done in the real IT world.

The real IT world?

Well, downtown, where they pay you to do these very things on a day to day basis. I'm not sure I'd argue any of it was ever really “real”, other than in some of the technical stuff. Dilbert, you know.

Anyway, up an hour late, to breakfast and back on what is a warm and sunny morning, off to get a haircut and another Protime blood test then before noon. Lots to do, the attitude good, although, after last night, I'm expecting to see a nap creep into the schedule. A good run of the mill Tuesday in other words, we're up for it.

None of the usual complaining?

None of the usual explanation of what's going on with moi until something comes up. by around noon, I'd suspect. Or one. You get presentient after a while, vegetating here in Oakland, under a Pacific sun.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk on to get my haircut at ten, thinking I'd put the Protime test off until tomorrow. OK, tomorrow, so straight back to the apartment to start copying photographs to the new mirrored drive, the first section of some 470 gigabytes to take fourteen hours it says to complete. Oh. Well, fourteen hours. Best to get started.

Anyway, another bug in the bonnet sent me out again, a bus to Broadway, a walk to the hospital lab. I was thinking of waiting on another bus when I got to Broadway, but the hospital is only about a mile farther on and waiting is not something I do well, so a walk to get the blood test (hello - ouch! - goodbye), a bus back to Grand, a walk back to the apartment, all this feeling pretty good: the eyes clear, the head behaving, nothing to bitch about. Which is a little weird.

A nap though when I got home. Too little sleep last night by about an hour, a nap was indeed in order. I picked up an ice cream cone at the local 7-11 look-alike and a liter of Diet Coke on my way home. It's warm out there. I no longer drink much diet anything (or sugar anything, for that matter), but a bottle of Diet Coke that will last as long as a week in the refrigerator, a small glass at a time, was in order. So good. It's done.

Evening. Why an urge to have sushi and sake down the hill? Why do I ever have an urge to have sushi and sake down the hill? So I had sushi and sake down the hill. Just the one flask of sake, though, no refills. Seems to make a difference.

Anyway, getting back home, I sat and watched another Maigret episode while playing the guitar, some of it addressing this week's lesson. An hour and a half episode, an hour and a half practice added onto whatever I was able to do earlier and now later this evening.

Feel good, a little slow from all the walking, but good enough for an old fart I'd think.

Yesterday early afternoon at Broadway and 11th taken with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.