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May 9, 2012

But I Would
Wednesday. To bed last night just after nine, we're not going to short change ourself on sleep. I thought. Awake a good hour before the alarm, up a half an hour before the alarm, to breakfast and back running by the ATM over on Lakeshore beforehand and now back in the gate before eight.

Still, the laundry is in the wash, always a minor miracle around here, yesterday's entry is posted and the day looks good ahead: the sun shining, the temperature reasonable, the laundry closer to being done. I have no idea what to say other than the day has started well, we'll see how the guitar practice goes now that we're well ahead on our practice and what pictures might be found out there now with which camera and lens. The big questions, in other words, here on a Wednesday in May. In Oakland. Yes, in Oakland, if one must admit.

Later. Laundry done, folded and hung. Good. Out of the way for another three or more weeks.

A walk then to the morning restaurant for a scoop of ice cream. I was thinking coffee, but couldn't convince myself more coffee made sense. Not that ice cream made sense. Still, a laid back amble down the way and back, a couple of pictures because that's what I do when I'm out, back now at the apartment at noon feeling pretty good.

No sign of damage so far from the sake last night. Again, I'd waved off any topping up, a specialty of the house, topping up, and felt fine after. A bit buzzed - why else do you drink sake? - and it contributed to getting me into bed early, but it didn't derail a decent stint on the guitar after as it has so often in the past.

So, what the hell, we've still got the sinus-upper palate thing going and we're a little tired, so maybe to bed and a nap, see if we can't make up for awakening so early this morning.

Face it. A day in your life now includes of an afternoon nap. Whole societies (more advanced than our own) do this in their normal course of events.

Later still. A nap, the barest tinge of ocular migraine symptoms coming on, a sign the thing isn't gone, but still in the process of getting out of town. An evening with sushi often predicted them, brought them on, but where they were full bore and nasty then, they're mild now; more like passing clouds in the distance, a bit of shade, but no wind, no rain. So good. Cross our fingers. Of course.

More copying of files to the new mirrored network drive. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of space toward the end of this year, I should have made a better calculation of how many I already have, but it was a good move if only for the peace of mind. The world wouldn't miss my photographs should they be lost, but I would. I would.

Playing with the Nikon D4 taken with the D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.