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May 7, 2012

Yes We Will
Monday. Up with the alarm, no problem at all, even though I got to bed after ten. There well may be a nap in our future.

Yesterday's entry was a mess - a real mess, not just my ordinary under cooked mess - and I spent quite a bit of time this morning trying to pull it together before posting. Took a good hour, needed two. Or three. Why even mention the obvious? Well, we do think about such things. Pictures, words, notes played on a guitar. There are standards that apply to all and I'm not unaware of them. Not that I'm all that ambitious at this stage - why should I be when I haven't been in the past? - but there are certain minimum standards even for Those of the Sloth. No, there are. Really.

Where is this going?

Probably not to any changes, I'm afraid. I could post less often, spend more time, craft better entries. Strive to entertain. But I don't. We don't. Seems to be the path this thing is taking. Rationalize it as practice, noodling about on paper. Still....

Later. The same sort of blah attitude getting on a bus for the downtown, although I enjoyed the walk that followed. Nothing particularly new about it, but I was able to let go and allow my surroundings to dictate my course. Well, either that or the fresh air cleared my head and I pulled it out of..., well, wherever. Fresh air, you know. Always good.

I noticed they'd changed out the two large planters in front of the old APL building. They changed it out last fall. I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with this, regularly ripping out and replacing a flower garden for the aesthetics - they're not funny faced little furry animals, or anything - but still. What the hell. Another cranky old elder carping over something that keeps gardeners employed. Think of it as a haircut, my man, a trim allowing another pleasant face to be projected to the world.

A bus back to the apartment getting into a conversation first at the stop and then on the bus with a young woman who was setting out to buy a bicycle. A very young woman working at one of the local trendy restaurants who was into (what else?) photography. An older guy (yes indeed, even older than I) joined in the conversation as we were rolling, telling a story or two of his own commercial photography days. Darkrooms were mentioned. Polaroids. Instamatics. Put me in a better mood and my mood was already pretty good. So another hup! Yup.

The temperature's good, the sky clear, one or two pictures I rather liked. Not many, not great, but they came to me with but a soft whisper yet I was still able to hear, raise the camera and get a shot. Not a bad way to start a day. Around here, anyway.

Later still. A nap. I did indeed need a nap. Up now in the mid-afternoon coming slowly back to consciousness, taking an extra pain med to see if it might have an effect. If the sinus-palate thing is in fact going in the wrong direction, I'd have to say it's building up quite slowly. How long's it been since I've had this stuff? But still, there's enough energy and enthusiasm here to look forward to the remainder of this day I'd say. (Hup!)

Evening. Enough guitar. I'll get in more later, but we'll be ready for Thursday's lesson. Yes we will.

Yesterday early afternoon along Lake Merritt taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.