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Under Construction
Above my head in a sushi restaurant on Grand Lake in Oakland

May 24th, 2004

Competent Photographer
The photograph was taken at the sushi place down the street. It's colorful, at least. The sushi was good - a couple of dishes at the bar consumed with a bottle of hot sake followed by a slice of excellent green tea cheesecake - the walk home a stroll in a sake fog stopping to rent The Singing Detective and another movie who's name I've forgotten to finish the evening.

Robert Downey, Jr. as the Singing Detective. I like Robert Downey, Jr., but boy howdy did they do a job on the skin condition. I didn't need to see that skin condition in all of its miserable glory for more than about fifteen minutes before I pulled the plug. So much for The Singing Detective. The second movie was watchable, somewhat interesting, inexpensively made and forgettable because I've obviously forgotten the title. No complaints, a good green cheesecake evening, but I've struck out twice now on The Singing Detective as I wasn't particularly thrilled with the fucking PBS series either although there is a certain subculture of neurotics who consider it a masterpiece. I would not do well in a nursing profession.

The last few days have seen a resurgence of the aching upper jaw, sinuses, head, chest, arms and hands without any of the vertigo. Odd. It's most prominent in the morning, but tapers off in the later afternoon. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment - ears ringing, but nothing out of the ordinary - keeping it to a single whiskey and working on photographs I took at the office today that will be posted on the company internal web site. I'm learning. I'm not shooting anything of value, but I'm learning.

I have a second Speedlight for the digital that can be placed on a little stand off to the side or behind a subject and synched to the camera mounted Speedlight to manage the shadows. You shoot without it, you notice shadows you'd like to eliminate; you shoot another set of photographs with the second light and there go the shadows. Information. Knowledge. If you can remember. Again, no complaints. Nothing good so far in the camera, but a more competent photographer. One can always use a more competent photographer.

The photograph was taken Sunday in a sushi restaurant on Grand Lake in Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 35mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens shooting at ISO 640.