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Under Construction
Building lobby art in Oakland

May 21st, 2004

Always Tomorrow
A "no can do" notice from my ISP popped on my computer screen Wednesday when I tried to move a file. I've often wondered about that. How much space had I purchased when I signed? Fifty? I thought fifty. And how much had I used, what with all the photographs? So I've upgraded from 10 megabytes (it turns out) to 100 megabytes for an additional $4.95 a month. I also had them take down my old NBBC site cause, well, I haven't posted anything to NBBC for the last four years.

How much have I spent at twenty five dollars a month to keep old stuff I never look at anymore online? I have the same question about stuff I have stored in an Alameda locker. Is any of it worth even half the accumulated rent? So I saved some money today: spent five, saved twenty five. Another financial lesson creeps into the gated fortress to rouse me (briefly) from my sleep.

And it's Friday.

Well, yes. The Friday before the next to last weekend of May and there are pictures to be taken and added to the pictures that should have been taken but have not been taken these last many years. Somewhere. Out there. Did you notice today's photograph? I knew I needed something for this evening as I was leaving so I shot it in desperation in the building lobby. It's been bothering me, this lack of photography. Many things have been bothering me lately, I think.

Carnaval comes in another week. There's a radio station concert called Kaboom being given in San Francisco tomorrow. I'll think about it. I won't BART over and actually shoot it, you understand - some things you learn after a while - but I'll turn it over and over like a hamster in a wheel and talk about it here. "I'll do it tomorrow": buy a car, shoot a photograph, find another job. Always tomorrow.

The photograph was taken today in a building lobby in Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 28 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens shooting at ISO 200.