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KKSF Earth Day Celebration Concert at Oakland City Hall

May 26th, 2004

Yes We Are
I heard the first argument for invading Iraq that made any sense the other night on public radio, the speaker saying that Osama bin Laden's objective had always been the overthrow of the Saudi government (too liberal) and that he'd been using Saudi hatred of the stationing of US troops on their soil (to protect them from Saddam Hussein) to recruit followers. Most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudi's as is bin Laden himself. By invading Iraq we were able to pull our troops and eliminate the irritant. OK.

Not enough reason to invade Iraq, methinks, but life is weird and riddled with unintended consequence. Maybe we'll learn in The Great Reckoning what really was what. Not eating those carrots when you were a kid, for example? How bad was that? Did it lead to those aches and pains when you turned sixty? Invading Iraq? Did it allow the family to make a fortune in oil futures, who cares about the carnage on the ground?

Or did pulling out the troops from Saudi save our collective ass because it placated that nuclear gizmo guy who's name we will now never know because he won't go ballistic one night after finding his daughter with an amorous Private First Class? Not all outcomes are obvious and believers who own The Truth just haven't been around long enough.

Meanwhile Californian support for the war has plunged to something like 31% with those who oppose running the political gamut. Bush couldn't get elected dog catcher in conservative Orange County at the moment. Californians don't take chances with the treatment of their animals.

That gets it off your chest?

Yeah. Iraq doesn't really have me pumped at the moment, but when I sat down it came out. They might elect Bush to office in Orange County, how would I know? A better day today than yesterday. I'm getting up earlier and leaving earlier and it takes a while to get the sleeping patterns aligned. I'm getting my sleeping patterns aligned. I drove into work, but early enough to read the paper over breakfast this morning. Yesterday I barely made it into the office on time - no breakfast, no paper - a cup of coffee on the fly. What's Iraq to missing your breakfast? What's the death of nations when you've missed Dilbert?

We are drifting.

Yes we are.

The photograph was taken at a KKSF Earth Day Celebration Concert at Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens shooting at ISO 200.