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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 4, 2017


Sunday. Lights out by ten, but to sleep later than usual to then awaken at six-thirty, running late. Still, up and out the door to drive and arrive at seven to find the restaurant closed, waiting in the car for more than twenty minutes before the waitresses arrived. A disjointed start to a disjointed morning, deciding to have the French toast with sliced bananas and strawberries with coffee for breakfast.

OK, ran half an hour later or more than usual to read the papers, crossed the street to take a picture of the gas station sign for the upper left when leaving, remembering again to dial back the exposure a stop to take the struggling pandorea flower buds picture and dial it back again for the sidewalk photograph before hopping into the car to get back quickly so I could hit the bathroom. Still two pounds under one-fifty on the scale this morning, the contents of the alimentary canal still racing for the exit. Not that anyone is sitting on their chairs waiting or wanting to know this.

Messed with yesterday's entry wondering if I were sharp enough to really judge how spacey the writing really was, got it posted and then lied down to get the head together. I said I was going to get outside today for a walk and the sun is indeed shining. Mostly. So what's what? How spacey again is the head? Are we clear enough to figure that out?

Later. First a bath. I've needed one for a while. Listened to the news, finished a movie on the tablet, made pasta for a very late lunch and, well, made due with doing that to fill out the afternoon.

And yesterday's promised walk?

Still time for a walk, which there is, but, if I said I'd get one in, I'd be lying. At least when I talk about doing something tomorrow I can rationalize my saying it. We'll start again tomorrow walking to breakfast. Meanwhile I think I'm going to skip watching the rest of this first episode of Elementary, since it's from the more miserable Mycroft in London series.

Evening. A decent, but still a slow day, maybe still recuperating from that “flue” and so to bed by eight-thirty to tackle what could be found on the tablet and then lights out after nine. Tired enough to get to sleep without too much trouble this night.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken Saturday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.