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Here In Oakland

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March 3, 2017


Saturday. Lights out last night around eight, but didn't really get to sleep until after nine. Still, a good night's sleep to awaken at five-thirty feeling pretty much, well, normal. Still a little run down I'm assuming, no thoughts to put any strain on the day, but up in good order to finally drive to breakfast at six forty-five and wait for five minutes for the first waitress to arrive. Bright sun while driving in, but rain showers, hard rain showers while having a corn beef hash, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, mixed fruit and coffee breakfast. We managed to lose four pounds over these last few days, some to not eating much, but the rest through the elimination of anything solid in the alimentary canal.

OK, home. Thought the gas price might have changed (they had, I discovered when I got home, two cents a gallon lower), but figured I could take a picture of the sign tomorrow before posting, remembered to adjust the light this time when taking the pandorea buds picture (we lost the large one), too the quick obligatory shot of the sidewalk and then drove right home. Felt fine over breakfast, the owner picking up my tab when she heard why I'd missed breakfast yesterday.

Not sure what the rest of the day may hold, but I suspect we'll keep the head down and be thankful that whatever it was that happened yesterday and the day before wasn't any worse and didn't last longer.

This lasting twenty-four hours business. A first? Has it happened before?

It happened once a few years ago and surprised me then. Can't remember if it's happened other than then.

Later. Fifty-three degrees out there, cold, but it's caused me to ask: is it the cold that's gotten me to feel cold or is it what brought on those chills? I'm betting it's the cold, but I'm wrapped up in layers of shirts and jackets with the heat on full tilt.

Otherwise a normal sort of afternoon. Hasn't been raining, just looking like rain, but no thoughts to go outside. Tomorrow we go outside for a decent walk whether we want to or not.

That usually doesn't mean much when you say you'll do something as you'll often bail and soon as not.

We do seem to live inside our own little made up reality, insulated from the wider world.

Evening. Nothing on television, although I managed to watch a bunch of it. A day of feeling reasonably whole, even if a little cold, so we're probably recovered from whatever that was and so there's reason to celebrate. The flu (if that's what it was), if it doesn't kill you, usually lasts longer than a day. This one didn't. No complaints among all of these complaints.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken Saturday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.