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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 13, 2016

Not Raining

Sunday. Set the clock ahead an hour, lights out early, to awaken at six on daylight savings time. Wide awake, no way to get back to sleep (we'd set the alarm for six-thirty), and so up and finally out the door to drive to breakfast in the rain on a still dark morning. We'll see how this coming week goes when the rain stops and I'm able to talk myself into walking again.

A harder downpour just as I was leaving the cafe and so a very quick scoot across the street and then right back to photograph the change in gas prices. A two cent drop over yesterday. Another photograph of a beaten down by the rain trio of pandorea flowers and then home to lie down for an hour. Don't remember much of that hour, didn't go to sleep, but then I really wasn't what you'd call awake either. Still raining. We'll fool about attempting another nap and then we'll take stock. What to do on this Sunday in Oakland?

Precisely what you've been (not) doing for this last whatever number of years, I would imagine.

Later. Another hour or so nap or semi-nap if there is such a thing. Up now as it approaches three in the afternoon. All this napping after losing but one hour? Could be. Maybe.

Evening. Nothing on television and so more time on the tablet watching various movies and television series I have on my viewing list, watching most of them about ten minutes at a time before switching to the next. Haven't done this in the deep dark past, but I've been doing it now for what seems like several years. A function of the movies and such available on Amazon and Netflix? Some part of it. Another maybe for the fact you can only watch whatever number of episodes of a particular series before you give up as they deteriorate into, say, their third and later seasons. Who knows?

Eight-thirty by the clock as I'm writing, seven-thirty in pre-daylight time. I'm thinking I'll turn the lights out early just after nine, daylight savings time, and see if sleep comes. If not, we'll start going to bed much later for a while to start waking up later when it's not dark and we can comfortably walk. If it's not raining.

The photo up top was taken at last year's San Francisco St. Patrick Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.