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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 14, 2016

With Interest

Monday. To bed and to sleep too early, of course, waking up at six-thirty feeling clear headed as I got my act together to drive to breakfast. The ground wet from last night's rain, but not raining during the drive in the dark. No way I was going to walk in the dark.

There is more paranoia than rational fact in your bogey man avoidance of the dark, you know.

We'll go with paranoia for the moment.

A drive home with the sun now peeking out. Looks like it's going to be an uneven, but reasonably nice day to kick off what they're saying will be a sunny week. We still need more rain, rainfall is now on target at just above one hundred percent average for the current date, but we need one hundred-fifty to two hundred percent to make significant progress with the drought. So we sit and watch and take advantage of the sun when we can. I do, anyway.

Later. A couple of false starts setting out to head downtown to Latham Square, the first probably because I arrived at the bus stop a minute or so too late and missed the bus, the second because I arrived in plenty of time, but the bus didn't come, returning to the apartment in both instances saying the hell with it, we'll stay home today, but then right out the door again as the time for the next bus approached. The third try turned out to be the charm.

Took a set of Latham Square pictures from the usual locations and then walked up Broadway to catch the return bus opposite the old Sears building at 20th, soon to be the Oakland headquarters for the Uber ride sharing operation. San Francisco tech moving to Oakland.

Straight back to the apartment. Thought of staying on the bus to the Grand Lake theater and then walking on to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription, if it was in fact ready for pickup, but decided to put it off until tomorrow. Use it as an excuse tomorrow to get in an added walk. Not enough walking today, but tomorrow it's walk to breakfast and then later to wherever else I can manage. Sometimes “manage” is like pulling teeth.

Later still. Worked on the photographs taken earlier at Latham Square and then started preparing web pages for the web sites, putting off completion until tomorrow. Enough was enough. Spent more time lying down watching this and that on the tablet. Still overcast, they're still saying sun tomorrow, but now all the way through end of day Sunday this weekend.

Evening. A slow afternoon easing into the evening watching this and that on the tablet, getting up to catch the first half of Charlie Rose at eight-thirty, it starting a half an hour later than usual as they were running one of the Panetta Institute Lectures, War, Terrorism and Other Global Threats, a discussion I found I needed to skip. To bed after nine, lights out after the headline news summary at ten. Seems there's another primary election coming up tomorrow and many are following it with interest.

The photo up top was taken at last year's San Francisco St. Patrick Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.