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March 9, 2015

Late Afternoon

Monday. To bed early to skip through a half a dozen or so programs that I've been watching in fits and starts on the tablet, none of them holding my interest for any period, one or two actively driving me away, some of them causing me to question my sanity in having them in the rotation in the first place. We're running out of programs capable of distracting our attention in the evenings, maybe a good, maybe not such a good sign. Half of survival, after all, is distraction.

Awake ten minutes before the alarm and so up and out the door to drive to the morning café at six-thirty. Read the papers (only the Chronicle and the Times on Mondays, the Tribune doesn't home deliver their Monday edition) waiting on breakfast to start serving at seven-thirty, but the cook was late and I wasn't able to finish the meal in the few minutes before the meters kicked in at eight. Which means I'd better think about walking starting tomorrow, sleep in until six-forty when it's still dark, but with enough people about to be comfortable walking the route. Which is for the best.

Feel pretty good, the head seems clearer, not feeling so “tired”. The St. Patrick's Day Parade is coming up this weekend and I don't want to miss another outing, so we'll watch the morning walking and stop a day or two ahead if it looks like it may get in the way as it did this weekend, if it did indeed contribute to missing the parade. Hard to say. We're spinning in ever tighter circles here, grasping, if not at straws, then at photographs. A bit ephemeral in this digital age.

Let us not stray too far off into the deep here, or, if we must, then at least try to make it comprehensible.

Later. An hour's sleep, so I guess I needed it. Up to take the bus to the ATM on Broadway and then walk to the City Center to have lunch. Well, something that will stand in for lunch: a Cinnamon roll and coffee, sugar in the coffee. Not the sort of fare your physician wants to hear about, but that seems to have been what was needed. They sell a decent Cinnamon roll and I wasn't willing to go with anything else.

A walk over to Latham Square to sit at a table to wait on the bus, a bus then to get off at the apartment house construction site to walk up behind the site and take the usual set of pictures, all from the same places I've taken them from in the past. The rationale is it allows you to compare and see any and all progress, but the reality is I'm both lazy and there aren't many other easily accessible vantage points. More effort would produce better pictures, but I guess I'm only willing to try now and again at this late date. Or something like that.

Evening. Shuffle through more stuff on the tablet. Decent day, though, feel better. We'll do our walking tomorrow and see where that leaves us by late afternoon.

The photo up top was taken while sitting in Latham Square last Monday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.