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March 8, 2015

Babble On

Sunday. To bed early and to sleep early after crapping out on the Lunar New Year Parade yesterday, up this morning to greet the first day of Daylight Savings and to reach another birthday. Getting a little old for these kinds of shocks, one after another: no parade photographs, tired from too little sleep and yet another year added to the age.

Still, awoke not long after six without the alarm, this the new Daylight Savings’ six and not the old sleep in for another hour five, to drive to breakfast this time without a second thought. We'll see if skipping walking for a day or two brings any of the energy back. I'm not betting on it, but we're not giving up. We'll treat it as something like a set of keys that's been lost and wanting to be found. Willful blindness is a not unfamiliar state around here across the bay from Oz.

Finished yesterday's entry and then decided it was better to take a bath instead of a nap, the nap then after a bath getting in an actual hour of sleep. It's now after one, the day is passing quickly, maybe take a self portrait to commemorate the birthday and then again, maybe not.

Later. Maybe not. A walk over to the 7-11 look-alike for a pint of Strawberry Häagen-Dazs to celebrate, not that I need a birthday to celebrate with a pint (of ice cream). The sun appeared around noon and so the day is warm, t-shirt weather, and lots of people are out and about. I'm wondering, if I'd been feeling the way I do now before the parade yesterday, if I'd have set out and taken photographs? Not sure. Things seem better, but you never know. Not a good sign. Then again, having a birthday at any age is always a good sign, given the obvious option.

We appear to be drifting.

I'm in a drifting mood.

Evening. A dose of the pain meds seems to have cut back on the sinuses, I'm never sure how they add to the tired feeling I've described. Maybe another dose to see, deedle-dee-dee. Nothing on television and so to bed early, see if we can take this loss of an hour in stride. Feels as if I might, after waking at this morning's Daylight Savings time at six rather than seven, here in babble on.

The photo up top was taken by my father a long time ago.