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March 7, 2015

Tired Or Not

Saturday. To sleep a little later than I'd have liked, but awake at six, up and out the door on another sunny morning to walk to breakfast after debating taking the car. Had they finished resurfacing the streets? Was there parking? Yes for the one, almost for the other. It looks as if they still need to finish striping the parking spaces, otherwise it's looking pretty good.

Back to look at yesterday's entry and become more depressed with the state of the writing than I've been in a while and so to say to hell with it and lie down to see if we couldn't get in a nap, snap the head back into place, edit the damned entry when we got up refreshed.


And I don't think it's looking as if there's a future in the morning prose. Or the afternoon prose. Or the evening prose. Maybe spend more time with the pictures, cut the losses.

These things happen.

Later. A bus downtown at noon thinking I'd walk the short distance to the City Center to get a sandwich at the bagel shop and return without doing any real walking, save whatever energy later for the parade. Why so tired? Is the walk to breakfast wearing me out, not much more than a half mile each way?

And so, had a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on a garlic bagel, a macadamia nut cookie and coffee, sitting at a table out of the direct sun. The bus back, no stopping to take pictures, no ice cream bars, home now to lie down for a while and watch whatever on the tablet.

And thus I skipped going to photograph the parade. Got ready to go, packed the cameras, stood at the door and realized I wasn't going to leave. Again too tired. I've missed the Lunar New Year Parade in the past, but for rain when it was obvious there would be few opportunities for photographs, not because I was too tired to shoot.


And I don't know. I hope it's because I haven't been doing enough walking and now starting to walk every morning has been wearing me out, I need to do more over a longer time to get back into some kind of shape. Still, there's physical tired and mentally tired and I suspect this is both. Comes and goes. How to manage them?

Evening. Nothing on television and so to bed, setting the clocks ahead an hour to prepare for tomorrow. Let's see if we can get to sleep early, get up on time and (now that it's going to be dark in the mornings for a while) drive instead of walking. I do admit I'm curious how the day will go, whether I spend the day “tired” or not.

The photo up top was taken while sitting in Latham Square last Monday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.