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March 6, 2015

We Set Out

Friday. I stayed up to watch Elementary last night and so to bed at eleven to get what seems to have been a reasonable night's sleep, awakening at six and setting out at the usual time to walk to breakfast. They made progress with the street refurbishing yesterday and there was quite a bit less dust being kicked up. So good. For the lungs. Probably best to continue walking in the mornings, but it wouldn't surprise me if I crap out.

I need to pick up a prescription refill later and that's it. Nice not to have the DMV license renewal hanging over my head. Another sunny day, the early morning temperature just right (for walking in a sweater and a coat), pictures of the road being resurfaced on the way back. I've been lazy with the pictures, not putting out the effort, not keeping my eyes open to look. There are other shortcomings, but those I suspect are more a longer term function of age.

Early yet. Can't figure if I want to head downtown for that prescription or go for a nap. The day's apartment house construction pictures can wait.

Later. A bus to pick up the prescriptions. Too early for lunch, so one of the green buses back to Grand and then a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar (vanilla with a chocolate coating and almonds). A stop by the apartment house construction site to take the usual set of photographs.

Home to lie down and continue watching a series on the tablet before remembering it was Friday and I needed to run the Protime home blood thinner test. The reading had been too high last week so we'd made adjustments that seem to have had an effect, as it's now at the low end of the desired range. We'll talk with the nurse later when she calls and see what we need to do next.

I did feel a bit funky getting up to take the test and realized the episode I'd been watching on the tablet maybe hadn't made quite the sense it might otherwise have made with a clearer head. One of the sparkly blobs was trying to form when I closed my eyes, but it lasted only a brief few seconds before it went away. We'll lie down now and see how the next hour works itself out. Feel OK, but it could get worse or it could get better. We'll know soon enough.

Later still. An hour or so tripping along at the edge of sleep, up now feeling better, none of the ocular stuff. Which is good, but it's coming up on three in the afternoon and there's still quite a bit of the day left.

The nurse called, she's happy with the reading, told to hold with the current regime and see how it works. Some pasta with clam sauce for dinner before looking at the guitar, see if it looks back.

Evening. Nothing on television, two of the three public television stations are raising money again and running programs I was barely able to watch back when I sported a younger stomach. But that's me and my cranky/crusty head.

The San Francisco Chinese Lunar New Year Parade (my birth year: The Year of the Sheep Ram) late tomorrow afternoon, we'll get our sleep tonight and avoid running around tomorrow morning to save our energy until we set out.

The photo up top was taken of the 460 Grand apartment house construction site walking home from breakfast yesterday morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.