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March 5, 2015

To Notice

Thursday. Burned out rather quickly on the tablet last night and so lights out and to sleep well before ten. Well, lights out well before ten, not sure how long it took for sleep to arrive. But a decent night's sleep, none of this noting of the hours as they passed on the clock, awake at six, forty minutes before the alarm was set to go off.

The usual walk, less dusty than yesterday's walk, but dusty enough to breakfast and then back, the sky clear, a nice day ahead. I really need to go to the DMV to take the written test, get a new picture and renew the license. I've been putting this off now for well over a month. So hup! We'll do it this early afternoon.

Wanna bet?

In this case I'd bet.

Later. Twenty minutes standing in line to get a ticket, another hour and a half to be called for the ten minutes it took to renew the license (eye test, written test, payment). I knew it wasn't going to go quickly, but wasn't really thinking it would take two hours, not counting travel time (took the bus). Still, it's done, home now feeling tired, but otherwise in one piece (albeit a tired piece).

Haven't taken any photographs of the construction site, other than one coming back from breakfast and one as I was heading out to the DMV outfit, and I don't feel the need to take any more until tomorrow. They're making progress. Good for them, they'll, be making progress progress tomorrow and I can photograph them then.

Evening. The UK detective series Vera is playing at eight and the head and body seem to have revived enough, after lying down on the bed for a couple of hours watching another crime related series on the tablet, that I suspect I'll continue to watch it through and then be ready for Elementary.

Hard to cut through the English accents in Vera for a combination of reasons, for the accents themselves, for the fact my hearing is less accurate with age and I don't want to kick up the volume so high the neighbors might notice. Not sure how high the volume would need to be for the upstairs and downstairs neighbors to notice.

The photo up top was taken while walking toward the 580 overpass along Grand yesterday morning after breakfast with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.