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March 10, 2015

Tuesday Night

Tuesday. So much for getting up later in the morning and walking to breakfast. The alarm sounded at six and so up at six and off to breakfast in the car in the dark and the fog. Not an appetizing thought to walk in the dark and the fog, although I'm sure it would have been no big deal. Still, the same routine as yesterday, breakfast served late again, finishing, but hurriedly to leave when the parking meters kicked in. Tomorrow we leave later and walk. Really. We will.

Otherwise low lying fog, thin enough on the streets, but clearly fog not all that far above, the sky a uniform grey. Not warm, not cold for a morning, another day ahead. Feel OK, no complaints. Not yet anyway, we'll work something up for later. Need to get out, though, do something more than take a nap or fire up the tablet, but we'll think about that later (after a nap).

Later. OK, we are still at loose ends. Nowhere near tired enough to sleep, actually nowhere near to “tired”, although I'm having the same difficulty in convincing myself to step outside for a walk of some sort. Ah, well.

A link on Facebook to an Alvin Lee/George Harrison recording of The Bluest Blues put me in the mood to play some of the old George Harrison recordings and that has pretty much been the late morning and early afternoon. Still need to get outside for that walk, but the mood is certainly better even if it's cut with a certain nostalgia and thoughts of others I've met along the way.

A walk to the 7-11 look-alike to pick up one of the small boxes of Good & Plenty, thinking I'd compromise and go for the licorice instead of the ice cream (bar). Quick thinking to get out the door and, once out the door, feeling just fine about being outside in the cooler still overcast air, going by the apartment house construction site to take a set of photographs on the way back. All this grumping about going and, once I'm out, I'm fine.

Might have been that dose of pain meds you took an hour before you set out.

We can go round and round on this stuff forever. I can anyway.

Even more energy when I got back, spending more time straightening up the area around the stereo to make it easier to reach the albums and find CD's in their still not completely alphabetized cabinets. Be nice to have the CD's easily accessible, might make it more likely I'd pull one down and play it more often. A look at the B&H web site to see what it might cost to replace the amplifiers and preamp, add a tuner and replace the balance of a system that was state of the art forty years ago. Electronics. Forty in electronic years are centuries.

More ways to spend money on things you don't need?

In a good mood with good energy I then started fiddling with the various connections and cables and such and got rid of the low level hum that appeared in the upper pair of speakers when I connected the turntable. We'll put off any new acquisitions until we're certain this newly rediscovered interest will last more than a day/week/month and that hum is real. He said.

Later still. I need more shelving and wall space. Either that or I need to get rid of some of these books or, well, the framing table. That I don't use. Maybe I'm seeing a way to work this thing out.

Evening. Nothing on television this evening, not unusual for a Tuesday night.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Real Climate Leadership last month in Oakland with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.