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March 26, 2014

World Warnings
Wednesday. To bed early last night, up with the alarm just after six. The nine o'clock “International Mystery” was an Italian something called Donna Detective and it was obviously imperative I didn't watch lest actual physical damage might result. We are more careful with our well being as we get older.

And senile.

And senile.

Later. It rained throughout the night and through mid-morning when it stopped and I was able to get out the door and take a couple of pictures of the construction site, thinking that was about it, when a bus came along and I decided on the moment to get on and go downtown to the City Center for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. Taking our chances with the cream cheese.

Otherwise who knew how long before the rain would return, so back home on the bus taking more pictures at the construction site when I arrived. So far, so good.

A voice mail from my car insurance company as I entered the door saying I was on their to be discontinued list and could they somehow help? What? When was the last time I'd paid the six month premium? A run through the paperwork on the desk and no record of a payment since the last one paid six months back. Had I gotten a new bill and then lost/forgotten it? Me? I?

A call to the company, a credit card payment on the phone and now all is well but still, what happened?

I've been planning to send the paperwork to update the camera insurance to include the new camera and so I walked down to the local FedEx station to have invoice copies made, returned to the apartment to put them together with a letter and then walked to mail it at the post office. They give you thirty days of coverage after the purchase of a new piece of equipment before you need to inform them. Add one camera, delete another, make sure everything looks right, get the notice to them well before the 30 days elapse. Done.

Still thinking about that car insurance payment. Had I received the bill, did I forget to pay the bill, did I mistakenly throw it out with other stuff this month in the middle of the spring cleaning binge I conducted last week? I might. Still, we talk about memory slips, this one is more disturbing than I'd like.

You also found that reimbursement check that Medicare sent you last week.

Yes, but I hadn't thrown it out. It's now safely endorsed and ready for deposit on the way to breakfast tomorrow. Still, true, not a lot of money, but then not a little either and I'd in fact forgotten it. At least the desk is clean, the tax return is further along and all is well as far as I can tell in bills to pay and appointments to keep.

Evening. I ended up posting the two sections of running festival photographs to both artandlife and HereInOakland. Not enough additional photographs to put together a third, maybe not enough to make the two I posted, but then I always say that. Give me some time, I'm easy. On myself. At my age I'm allowed.

Watched another episode of the Korean soap that runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights. At least it consists of idiots indulging in various forms of hand to hand combat, one on one and many on many, the participants: Japanese (W.W. II nasty Japanese, not the much nicer modern ones), Chinese, Korean, British and (maybe somewhere there in the background) one or two Americans. All this while practicing guitar. Gotta pry something good out of it.

To bed early. Another chapter of a French something I've seen before at nine, nothing on any of the PBS stations, so perhaps we'll get another good night's rest. It's been a day where I got things done - even with the depressing lapses of memory - so I should be pleased, and I am pleased. Better yet no apparent effects from the various foods I've eaten, no ocular anythings, no end of the world warnings.

The photo up top was taken at the apartment house construction site yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.