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March 27, 2014

Come To This
Thursday. Lights out by ten, up three times to take a pee (still drinking too much water late in the afternoons), up finally with the alarm to head out to breakfast, the sky overcast, but no rain. Looks like the day may clear up enough to get outside for a walk (and some pictures). I guess I don't have to add the “for some pictures”.

We have become something of a comic book character with the cameras.

Let us say an artist at work, but not too loudly as to avoid any potentially embarrassing laughter.

Later. A walk out with a camera because I guess that's what I do after I've returned from breakfast and finished up the various tasks I feel a need to keep up with on the computer. Nothing happening on the construction site, nothing going on over at the lake, so back to figure out what to do with myself for the rest of the day.

Remembering the Medicare reimbursement check I stumbled upon yesterday and needed to deposit led to another walk, this time over to the ATM on Lakeshore, stopping at the ice cream shop for two scoops in a cup with chocolate sprinkles on top. Thought it through as I was walking and decided, yes, two scoops with chocolate sprinkles made perfect sense and I should do it. One must be both careful and thorough in evaluating such important matters.

More time then futzing around the apartment. There's only so many news web sites you can check, only so much email that needs to be addressed, so many pictures you can process before you begin to wonder what in the hell you're doing pacing around inside the apartment. My neighbor across the hall commented I hadn't gone on a trip for a long time implying I must be stir crazy with all this hunkering down inside.

And so, what the hell, we'll think all the more about it. It hasn't driven me to pick up the guitar yet today, but it's getting closer. Playing doesn't solve the problem, but the current lessons make my left hand ache enough with all the stretching that I forget about other stuff. Except for all this mindless carping, of course.

Later still. Out the door to catch the downtown bus, passing a flat bed truck delivering a dump truck and another small tractor to the constructions site. I was hungry and so a salad, mac and cheese and another attempt to eat a piece of roast chicken in the City Center. The salad, macaroni and cheese went down easily, no problem there, but I had trouble again getting through that one piece of chicken. It immediately set off an unsettling feeling in the esophagus/stomach that lasted a good half hour. Next time we'll skip the chicken.

A walk then up Broadway to Grand to wait for the bus. Felt pretty good, upset esophagus/stomach or no, home now listening to the news on PBS and thinking of starting on the guitar. Felt better whenever I'd I gone outside the apartment, feel better now that I'm back inside and into the usual late afternoon routine. We'll skip the spaghetti with clam sauce after the larger lunch and see what's on TV.

Evening. We did not skip the spaghetti with clam sauce. We were hungry. We were also four pounds under our target weight this morning, so the hell with it.

Watched the usual crap on television, we'll see who Charlie Rose has on this evening - sometimes he's interesting, sometimes he's a poster boy for all that's wrong with mainstream media - and then decide what we'll do for the rest of the evening. A good session on the guitar, so far, we'll get to bed early and see if they're right about the rain tomorrow morning.

Clam sauce and Charlie Rose. It's come to this?

The photo up top was taken crossing Grand yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.