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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 25, 2014

Sounds About Right
Tuesday. To bed early, the whiskey last evening adding a light touch without ever becoming anything more than a rather nice way to ease into a long night's rest. Hmm. We'll have to try that again. Anyway, to bed early, awake fifteen minutes before the alarm was due to sound, off to breakfast in the usual routine running on autopilot. The only problem with autopilot is, if you make any small deviations to the routine, you can forget things. The camera, for instance, as I was getting in the car.

You forgot the camera?

It's happened before. Not often and only when I've done something to change the order of tasks and the autopilot assumes a step missed earlier is a step taken. You pick up the camera and the sun glasses (to put in the pocket for the drive home when it's light) at the same time and if anything breaks that sequence, well, things can be forgotten.

Not the end of the world then.

You go back upstairs, you get the camera, you go back downstairs to the garage again and get in the car. It might be more problematic if I didn't notice until later when I arrived at the restaurant. I'm saying. I'm pretty sure. Here in Oakland.

Later. They said a little rain by mid-day and it is raining. A walk over to the apartment construction site however before it began to take the usual pictures, the workmen still putting in foundation supports and moving earth around.

Back to address paperwork I've been avoiding and think about putting in some guitar time before heading out to lunch before the guitar lesson. In the rain, of course. We have a raincoat. We're generally waterproof. We'll see about the guitar case, though. Soon.

Later still. Oof! It was raining but stopped as I set out for the lesson, starting again as I got off the bus and walked to Genji for their chicken salad. Good, took my time comfortably sitting out at one of the tables before heading out again in a light drizzle to discover my guitar teacher had been held up in traffic.

Ah, yes. My playing. Have I mentioned I have a very patient guitar teacher? Who's just gotten engaged to be married? I do believe I may have mentioned this. The patience, anyway. Finishing up I headed out the door too late to catch the three o'clock bus, so a walk then on up Broadway to the ATM and then on to Grand, the smartphone app saying the bus was running twenty minutes late. Depressing.

It app lied. It was five minutes late. For this particular bus that's on time. Felt better. On home to lug the camera and the guitar up the hill feeling, well, a tired. Muscle tired. Decently tired. We'll self destruct and stay inside. Or something equally sensible and intelligible.

Evening. More work on the Oakland Running Festival photographs. I've completed two sections, but I'd like to rework some of them in Photoshop and to see if I can't put together a third section if I have the photographs. A better plan than posting them this evening. Need more distance to see them clearly, so maybe tomorrow.

Watched the Monday-Tuesday Korean thing without undue strain, although I'm not sure watching it doesn't eventually lead to brain deterioration. Better the series is resolved and done with before it does damage.

Otherwise to bed early if there's nothing at nine. A life based upon a television schedule. Somehow sounds about right.

The photo up top was taken at the apartment house construction site yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.