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March 13, 2014

The Funny Farm
Thursday. I did get to bed early, I did get up with the alarm without a problem, I did get off to breakfast with two papers in tow (the third still arriving later in the mornings), remembered to take a picture of the pandorea blossoms (there are four of them now) as I was returning. And I had the scrambled eggs this time for breakfast, no more corned beef, no more excuses to beef about later. I thought.

Got home, looked over yesterday's entry and found it mind numbingly repetitious and uneventful, worked on it for a while before giving up and heading out to take what pictures I could find over at the lake with a long lens on the camera.

And I did, but first starting with the construction going on over at the apartment site. A picture at the lake then of what are now, I'm afraid, many of the same much photographed subjects, a little longer walk to get close to the Snowy Egret, but then back feeling, well, ocular symptoms creeping in. The odd visual distortions had started while walking and the sparkly blot that forms when you close (your left) eye greeted me on the elevator. Such is life. And scrambled eggs.

Not the corned beef hash?

I don't know. It's now just after noon and I'm thinking I need to get outside, the symptoms gone after an hour or so lying down and listening to the news. Maybe the day is now straight and life will go on.

Later. And so, just like that, a bus downtown to stick my head into the pharmacy to reorder a prescription and then walk over to the City Center where there were quite a few more people than there were yesterday, even though it was now after one. A Chipotle shrimp salad this time, shrimp and decent greens, and then a walk over through Latham Square and on to a bus stop.

Same internal conversation again about going on to the morning café to have a lemonade, but off the bus at the usual stop to take a couple of pictures at the construction site. The group has obviously noticed my coming by and taking pictures. No, I wasn't the press, nobody was going to get famous (or infamous), just some guy who lives nearby taking pictures. I may give them the web site address when they're posted, let them know I won't be (too much of) a problem.

Home now, the day t-shirt weather warm, the head clear, the episode this morning gone. Maybe this is the way the days will go from now on. But without scrambled eggs. We'll skip the scrambled eggs for the while.

Evening. A new episode of Elementary at ten. Which, dear god, I will undoubtedly watch. Starting with the Cumberbatch version of Sherlock Holmes that starts at nine (until eleven) on public television and then, if it hasn't sucked me in, switch to Elementary at ten. This will not be good for a proper night's rest.

Started the Cumberbatch Holmes and found it impossible - that's how he really didn't die after jumping off that building? - so went to lie down for the thirty or so minutes reading a new magazine, up then to watch Elementary. Why would I watch the one and not the other? Because I find the Watson character so much more interesting being, you know, female and Asian?

You babble on about this stuff long enough and you start to think about it, it starts to sink in. What is really driving my little phobias? You have lots of time to think of such things when you're retired. Hard to say where it lends itself to: sanity or the funny farm?

The photo up top was taken this morning along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.