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March 12, 2014

Wednesday. To bed early, up a couple of times during the night (gotta watch drinking so much water in the late afternoons) and then awake and out of the bed half an hour after the alarm. OK, not great about being thirty minutes late, but so far, so good. Off to breakfast to then break my rule (which I seem to break too regularly to call it a rule) and have the corned beef hash.

Corned beef: processed meat right up there at the top of the “to be avoided” list. Still, I was hungry and that's what I wanted for breakfast, something I haven't eaten in months. A nice day out there, remembering to take a picture of one of what are now four pandorea flowers in bloom on the way to feeding the meter to make up for those thirty minutes so I could finish the papers and photograph the change in gas prices; home now having posted yesterday's entry and then taking an hour to lie down with the radio droning on in the background.


Feel a bit funky, but basically OK, corned beef staying in wait. Up now, the day looking good, some thought to hustle out the door before noon. Get on schedule, we'll know soon enough if the corned beef is waiting for later. We'll know on whom to assign the blame if it does.

Later. Out the door in shirt sleeves, the weather really nice, detouring to photograph activity at the apartment construction site, maybe we'll see some progress soon, catching the bus downtown to get off at the ATM and walk on along Broadway to the City Center.

Noon, lots of people eating lunch, but a table available in front of the bagel shop and so I had a mixed fruit cup and coffee while watching the people walk by. Nice day, some energy filtering its way into me.

And so no evil signs from your breakfast experiment?

The head clear, the sinuses misbehaving, but no more so than they have in the past, the attitude again matching the weather. Doesn't mean the corned beef for breakfast won't wait to combine later with the next dish I eat on the “to be avoided” list, when I again have something on the “to be avoided” list, but thus far we're good.

I've been asking is my appetite better? Do I really want to eat corned beef in the future should the stomach (for some inexplicable reason) allow it again? No. I do think about varying the diet and corned beef can stay forever on someone else's plate, but I have noticed changes. We'll see. It will take more time to know.

More pictures of the apartment construction site when I got off the bus heading home. I'd thought of staying on and having lemonade at the morning restaurant, more to stay out and enjoy the day than any thoughts about lemonade, but the thought of pictures was enough to get me off the bus, putting aside the fact I could easily have taken them later when I returned.

We are so easy, any old reason will suffice when we want to do something marginally stupid. Maybe skip coming up with rationalizations and reasons altogether and just go with the thought, over whatever cliff you might want.

Evening. Still a good day, still clear headed. Some time on the guitar, the finger stretch still very difficult and leading quite quickly to a painful left hand. So, do it for a while, stop; come back in ten minutes and do it again for a while; stop, and..., well.

We'll take a look at the second set of the two Korean soaps that run two nights a week (Monday-Tuesday for the one, Wednesday-Thursday for the second) and see if this second set isn't more tolerable than they were last night. Otherwise to bed. Really. Early.



The photo up top was taken of graffiti on a tree this early afternoon on Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.