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March 11, 2014

On A Roll
Tuesday. To bed early and up with the alarm on another going to be nice day, they say, with the temperature getting up into the seventies, the sky clear and the seagulls singing. Well, not singing.

You're feeling pretty good?

I am. Had the plain waffle with fruit for breakfast along with a single cup of coffee, thinking about the guitar lesson later and not wanting to increase the chances of an ocular something or other as I was setting out. Maybe it's responsible for this “feeling good” business, maybe it's not. Still, it's now after ten and all continues to be well, we'll head out for a walk pretty soon right after a nap.

Later. And so an attempt at a nap with the radio droning on in the background, a visit to the twilight zone, back to take my short walk over to the lake. Nice day, bright sun, decent temperature, but not much going on at the lake.

I noted there were three people over on the apartment house construction site and an entrance was open in the fence so I took a couple of pictures. They've moved quite a bit of earth around and covered it with tarps, the three men looking over things and preparing for whatever comes next. This week? Could be. Not a clue from busybody your's truly.

Back to the apartment to futz with the guitar before heading out for the lesson. We'll leave a half an hour early in case the bus that runs every thirty minutes doesn't come, have lunch before the lesson if it does come, have lunch after the lesson if it doesn't. We make arrangements to deal with non existent buses, and our little issues with them seem to work out reasonably well in the end.

Later still. Ah, well. As I've said, my guitar instructor was obviously a saint in an earlier life as my performance this afternoon left a lot to be desired. We'll see how the week goes and try again next week.


We shall deliver the goods next Tuesday.

Lunch before the lesson at Genji's in the Rotunda building. Hungry after but the waffle and sliced bananas and other fruit for breakfast. Still, for whatever reason, the head has been clear. No dry mouth, no frazzled head, just an old guy doing OK in the almost big city. No complaints in other words, we'll save those for tomorrow whenever.

A brief walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera, a really long lens this time, and a few photographs that worked because I could get so close through the lens and then through cropping. So fine, we're in a good picture mood with the Saint Patrick's Day Parade coming up Saturday.

Evening. The two Korean soaps I managed to watch were rather horrible, an odd mix of paddy-cake and cartoonish noir, but I'm the one who dialed in, no excuses. To bed by nine, we're at least on a roll with the bedtimes this week.

The photo up top was taken in the early seventies in San Francisco at the Rip Off Press on Kodak Tri-X.