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March 10, 2014

Close To Rested
Monday. Off to breakfast in a very light rain at six-thirty having awakened just before the alarm, although it had been another ragged getting to sleep evening. Decent breakfast, felt clear headed, although I had the usual internal conversation about my mindless writing during the not so brief edit when I got home. A repeating sign of the times.

Fewer regrets about ordering that camera. We're looking forward to taking pictures. Maybe a sign I haven't yet written off the future.

Later. A brief walk over to the lake to take all of two pictures, neither one of them worth the taking. So much for saying we're up for pictures. Still, plenty of sun, they're saying a high of seventy today and through the week. Good for the soul, not so good for the drought.

Back to do the usual futzing around before going out again and catching a bus downtown, getting off at the City Center where I had a muffin and a small coffee. Again, felt reasonably good, sat out at a table for a while over the muffin and coffee and then set out up along Broadway, stopping in Latham Square before walking, well, all the way home. The twelve o'clock bus didn't come. Good for the exercise, not so good for the local bus system as they've been doing this what seems to be more often.

Again, the weather warm, the sun shining, the seagulls circling over the lake (when are they not?) and maybe some guitar now that we're getting close to tomorrow's lesson. The stretch your fingers farther than fingers were meant to stretch lesson.

We have become quite the loner during these retirement years. Not sure how good or bad it may be. I think a road trip will be in order soon, perhaps L.A. to see Mr. A if he's in the mood, or up the coast to take pictures. Set the idea in place, let it fester grow. Ho, ho.

How many times and for how long have you saying that now?

Not nearly as many times as I've been thinking about it. Doesn't seem to do any good, thinking, but we continue. To think. Good to think.

Later still. Started watching the Senate do their overnight climate change marathon on CSPAN, thinking I'd just, you know, take a peek. Still peeking. Gets me antsy, this subject.

So what else is new?

I'm learning to practice guitar while listening to the Senate talk about climate change. I missed Senator Inhofe's speech, the one Republican who started it off, the one climate denier in the group, although I was able to hear some of the rebuttal. He's a Senator from Oklahoma. Wonder what the weather is like in Oklahoma? Whatever the weather he seems to get himself re-elected.

Evening. I looked through the Twitter feed on the Senate climate change all nighter. A good half to maybe two-thirds of the comments were along the lines of global warming is just another liberal plot to suck up all of our money, a fabrication, a product of bribery and bad intentions.

They're there, but I have no idea why so many, why so virulent. Depressing and, well, interesting for their strangeness. Gives you a hint as to why people were burned at the stake once for suggesting the earth orbited around the sun instead of the sun around the earth.

Enough with the Senators on climate change. I know the arguments. Maybe I'll take another look later, but I find it easier to play guitar somewhere other than in front of the computer. I only have access to CSPAN on the computer.

The head is clear again (it's evening), not sure why this is almost always so. A dry mouth late this morning and then in the afternoon. The ice cream cone and muffin I had for lunch? Or the coffee? I'm wondering about the coffee. I drink the equivalent of two cups in the morning, maybe an additional cup in the early afternoon. Enough to cause a dry mouth and a general funky feeling? Putting me down for a nap or two to get around whatever it is they do? Have no idea.

We'll get to bed right after nine. I'm more and more liking this getting to sleep early and awakening in the mornings feeling close to rested.

The photo up top was taken yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.