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March 9, 2014

Verging On Spring
Sunday. And so to bed not long after eight last night, getting to sleep, well, I'm not sure when, but I'd say earlier than I otherwise might. Up without having set the alarm (but having set the clock ahead) at six-thirty feeling, well, OK. If there were effects from last night's sake they were minor and so off to breakfast on an overcast (and darker) morning, again without a Tribune. It arrived late yesterday morning, hasn't arrived yet this morning, but life will not falter.

Again, overcast, not sure what I might do with the day, although maybe a drive down to Jack London Square if only because it's a Sunday and I can more easily park and because I haven't been there in a while? Good to check it now and again, see what may be happening. Evidently a couple of tech companies have moved their offices into the area and changes are underway. If I live all that much longer I suspect I'm going to experience further rapid gentrification.

As long as they don't raise the rents too high.

Amen to that.

Later. And so out the door with a camera in hand without a thought in my head as to where I might actually go. Not to the morning café, even though I was hungry; not downtown, as it would be empty; not to Lakeshore as, again, not hungry, not interested in an expedition. And so over to the lake, even though the downtown bus was just arriving at the sup, but without regret to take the usual short morning walk.

Not many people, the sky overcast, no one out in front of the white column pergola exercising or dancing. Well, one or two people exercising, but not in a way that lent itself to a picture. Tired and hungry now, back to the apartment to watch this week's Moyer & Company (good work there Bill) and then to lie down and take a look at the Tribune that had finally arrived before attempting to doze off.

It's now just after one, the head feels better (not the aching sinuses I had this morning, taking the pain meds a couple of hours early today to see if that wouldn't help - it did) and now to maybe deal with this hungry business. Over to get a steak sandwich? I can tell I'm hungry when that starts to make sense. Maybe the Korean restaurant I've for some reason been avoiding? Maybe, but I'd be surprised if I do. Not sure why. When's the last time I've been by?

Later still. One reason for not having lunch at the Korean restaurant it turned out was the price, we'll put off eating there for a more special occasion (like a birthday or with company), and so on to the burger drive-in to pick up that steak sandwich, back to eat and then scan two old black and white negatives. I'd do more of them if it didn't involved so much spotting.

Where did all the dust come from, what was I thinking in choosing the outfit that developed them? Didn't have a scanner back then, maybe more obvious when you're scanning every little detail at four and now eight thousand pixels an inch. That and being broke. At least I'd popped for a decent camera lens.

Evening. Nothing on television, feel quite tired (which we'll write off to Daylight Savings) and so to bed early. Early enough to get a good night's sleep? Oh, yes, if I can indeed get to sleep this warm verging on spring evening. Mumble.

The photo up top was taken Wednesday of graffiti on a building just off Broadway at 11th Street with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.