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March 8, 2014

Bottles Of Sake
Saturday. I did get to bed early, tired, got pretty much right to sleep, awakening (if not getting up) with the alarm. Off to breakfast on a sunny morning going by the supermarket on the way home, picking up sake, Q-Tips, toothpaste and paper towels. It occurred to me when I awoke this morning it's my birthday today and maybe a little celebration was in order. Hence the sake. Three single serving bottles rather than two. Kick out all the stops.

Later. A walk over to the lake around ten to find a run underway (“Running Is My High” it says on the sign) and that half the city seems to have turned out for a run/walk/amble/dance/sit down by and along the lake. Must have been a hundred people within sight. Everybody is celebrating the weekend in other words. Probably a good sign.

Back to find the Tribune had finally been delivered. OK, at least I know it isn't because I hadn't renewed the subscription or I'd forgotten back when to give them the change in the credit card number.

Went through the paper. Their choices for front page stories I've always felt are better than the Chronicle choices, the Chronicle seems to slant toward more front page human interest pieces than what's currently (and to my mind) important.

Looking through the paper I came to the comics section. I always read the comics sections, no apologies there, but realized in reading the Chronicle over breakfast I'd somehow not read the Chronicle comics this morning. Hadn't realized I'd skipped over the comics. Another senior moment? I'd say. Evidently it's really easy to go into automatic pilot when you're in one of your routines and blank out on something you'd normally not forget. Read the comics, young man. Yes. Old man? Maybe.

I was invited to attend a BIG OLE PRETTY GIRLS & FRIENDS FASHION SHOW that's being held near Broadway and Grand at three this afternoon and I'm thinking about it. Easy enough to get to, held during the daylight, primarily an African-American event from the look of it, but why not if I'm reasonably coherent and I've been invited by another photographer who's attending?

Later still. A walk over to the farmers market by the lake (where else than by the lake?) to then head on to Lakeshore through lots of people both in the market and on the sidewalk. What to do, where to go? Not really hungry, no thought to go by the morning café, not during the noon hour, and so to the ice cream shop where I had two scoops with chocolate sprinkle topping. It's my birthday, I'm allowed.

A walk back by the farmers market and on by the lake to snap a picture as I was passing. Nothing really calling out to the camera, so on back home to experiment with the cropping of one of the pictures I'd taken. Best to experiment, see if I can't come up with something different. Don't want to stop doing that. Ruts, after all, can be dangerous.

A nap of sorts and now listening to the news after having spaghetti for an early dinner, the first of the three sake bottles now opened sitting on the desk beside me.

Evening. Nothing on television, not much time on guitar, but finished the three bottles of sake over the course of a couple of hours. Nicely buzzed. Up early tomorrow for Daylight Savings and so to bed early. So sensible we are on our birthday so far, although the morning will tell us more about the three bottles of sake.

The photo up top was taken yesterday, near the Grand Lake theater, with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.