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Here In Oakland

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March 7, 2014

Holding A Whip
Friday. I watched Elementary last night. It seems to keep my interest, not altogether sure why. Still, no complaints. To bed right after eleven of course, but up with the alarm without too much effort running about fifteen minutes late.

No Oakland Tribune again this morning, not sure what's happening there, a plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast. We'll watch what we eat for breakfast just in case.

Feel energetic and clear headed as if I'd gotten all the sleep in the world. Maybe because the sun is shining and the day seems inviting, who knows the why for any of these ups and downs? Take advantage, take pictures, go someplace you haven't been to for a while (opined the grey haired man sitting in the living room on the ottoman).

OK: speedy, scattered. Maybe shut it down for a while and cool your jets.

Later. And so out the door because I didn't want to stay inside (this seems to be the norm, not sure whether it's a good sign) with a camera taking one or two photographs, back to lie down for an hour before getting up and heading out again.

A bus this time downtown to walk through the City Center, nothing calling out to me to come over and sit down in the middle of the noon hour, and so on through Justin Hermann Plaza to Broadway where a group of people with tripods, equipment cases and such seemed to be preparing to photograph something with actors (we do not poke our camera into other people's shoots), on therefore up Broadway to the ATM near Grand, crossing the street just as a bus was coming. Probably the same bus I'd taken to go downtown.

Stayed on the bus to the morning café for a bagel with cream cheese, potato salad and lemonade. We're taking chances again with the cream cheese and maybe the potato salad, but the day is nice and I'm feeling antsy. Well, disruptive. I believe disruptive is the current business speak for gambling with stupid and flirting with trouble.

Home now to ponder the fact they've shipped the camera I'd preordered, sent today to arrive at the end of next week. Do I need another camera? No. Do I have the funds to throw around? No, not if I'm rational. But we'll no doubt talk about this at mind numbing length when it arrives.

A First Friday over on Broadway near Grand late this afternoon. I'm tired, don't know if I'll go, but I should. I need the pictures.


I can't justify a new camera if I'm not going out and using the damned things.

Evening. Tired, prepared to leave for the First Friday art walk at five and then decided at the very last minute to stay inside, watch New Tricks at seven and get to bed by eight. Sleep. She calls. She whispers. She's wearing fishnet stockings and is holding a whip.

The photo up top was taken of a window along Grand not all that far from the apartment with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.