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March 6, 2014

Indeed Don't
Thursday. To bed not long after nine, nothing to watch or to read to keep me awake and so to sleep soon after ten, awake and then up before the alarm. A good start to a day, you'd say. I'd say.

Leaving the morning café after breakfast I spotted the first pandorea flower of the year. How long has it been since it bloomed? And why this one fully formed flower when there are no others, not even buds emerging on the others? A first gamble the weather has gone to spring? Seeds to the wind? Who knows, but I took a picture.

And so we're going to see a mind numbing series of pandorea pictures every morning now for the rest of the year?

Why not? Spring is near. A rebirth of both life and mind numbing pandorea pictures. Might even slosh over into and brighten my own uneventful existence.

Later. A walk to the lake to find little or nothing to photograph and so a quick return to the apartment to take a nap. Tired. Really.

No sign of activity at the apartment construction site. I'm wondering, when they schedule these projects, if they have to build in a buffer for days when it may well rain, budgeting ten days for a particular task that only takes five, but adding those additional days in case of rain delays. Slack to be sure the task is done before the next one is scheduled to start?

Later still. A walk to the morning restaurant for ice cream and lemonade as I wasn't particularly hungry and they were the only two things that appealed. Sat out on their patio in the now visible sun and dawdled a bit before heading back home.

No desire to do other than take another nap and so to bed. No actual sleep, really, it wasn't that sort of tired, but resting rather nicely, the blood pressure for some reason when I check it ten points too low. Yes, I wondered if feeling this tired after a good night's sleep might have other factors contributing to it as it had in the (deep dark) past. Not sure in this case. We'll check it again later.

Up to sit down at the computer realizing I was experiencing the briefest, barest whiff of an ocular migraine. Whatever I've been eating lately that hasn't had any ocular effects, maybe ice cream and lemonade were pushing it too far? OK, we had a dry mouth and what I'm calling a “whiff” of where the world went weird. Maybe another nap, maybe.... Well, we'll undoubtedly babble on about this later.

Evening. Clear headed, feeling good, a fair amount of time on the guitar while watching another episode of that Korean soap I mentioned yesterday. This one contained more pay your dues by wading through sappy scenes tied to Korean culture in order to enjoy the rest of the story, but such is seems to be with subtitled drama.

There's a new Elementary later at ten and I really shouldn't stay up to watch. It will go up on their web site at some point and I don't need to stay up late losing sleep again. Still, as mentioned, feel pretty good, not tired and I indeed don't feel like turning in.

The photo up top was taken while waiting on a bus on Broadway in downtown Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.