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Here In Oakland

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March 5, 2014

Where It Goes
Wednesday. I did get to bed early, I did read more of Lofgren's The Party Is Over (How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted) and conked out around ten. So good.

Up with the alarm to head out to breakfast on another overcast morning, they're saying decent temperatures later, but maybe no sun, back now to go through the usual routine on the computer before heading over to the lake with a camera. A clockwork photographer. Doesn't necessarily lead to better photographs, although rules like these are meant to be broken (it says in the “How To Become A Better Photographer” book).

Later. A walk over to and along the lake this mid-morning with a long lens on the camera in what has now indeed become a clockwork routine. Not many birds again, but a series of photos of a Tufted Duck. Not sure I've seen one before or, more likely, I haven't seen one where the “tuft” was so obvious and I've confused them with Greater Scaups. There, I've just dumped my entire knowledge of birds into a single sentence.

Back to lie down and attempt a nap while listening to the radio in the background tuned to a global warming interview. Not encouraging, this global warming.

Up with absolutely no interest in going anywhere specific, not hungry, but out the door anyway to take a bus downtown and to walk through the City Center and on to the Asian Cultural Center, taking the odd photograph as it presented itself. A photo of the Koi swimming in the Cultural Center pool because how can you not standing there as you are with a camera in your hand?

A walk then back to the bus stop on Broadway and 12th, watching the bus come around the corner some two minutes before I arrived and so on through the City Center to Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of city Hall where I had a raspberry shortbread cookie and a cup of coffee in the Rotunda building. Still not hungry, but no problem getting that cookie down. The cookie is evil, right up there with ice cream.

A bus back to the apartment then to work on the photographs and say hello to the guitar. I'd bumped into my guitar teacher as he was eating lunch at a table in Latham Square and asked if he remembered where he'd made the notation for the blues riff we're working on for this weeks lesson. He didn't remember, I didn't remember. No rest for a guitar teacher from his students when he's caught trying to eat lunch. Altogether a decent day today, I'd say, for someone who set out without a destination.

Later still. Spaghetti with red clam sauce for dinner along with microwaved corn and peas. Do I ever worry about eating the same thing too often? Yes. Do I do anything about it? Apparently not.

Evening. Watched the usual stuff, the various news programs while playing along on the guitar. The riff we're doing now requires quite a finger stretch on the left hand and evidently (ahem!) older folks’ hands don't stretch the way they did once. Still, the instructor is saying they will stretch with enough practice.

A second Korean soap this evening, they run two episodes of two different soaps during the week, one on Monday-Tuesday, one on Wednesday-Thursday. As with the others this evening's soap required you to pay dues while watching some parts in order to watch the parts you like.

To bed early again. We're on a roll, might as well see where it goes.

The photo up top was taken while waiting on a bus on Broadway in downtown Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.