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March 4, 2014

Up For It
Tuesday. I really don't quite remember when I got to sleep last night. Yes, I read the introduction and some of the first chapter of Mr. Lofgren's book, interesting beginning, and then got to sleep when? Late? I seem to recall glancing at the clock when it was turning eleven. Or was it ten?

Doesn't matter. Up a good hour after the alarm had sounded, off to breakfast running that hour late, the day still overcast but with a hint or two of sun. The head is on straight, even after abusing my diet these last several days. How long since I've had an ocular incident? Knock on wood, we have a guitar lesson coming up at two-thirty, no need to invite any demons to participate.

Again, with the diet, with the sake the other night, you seem to be living foolishly dangerously.

At some level I guess I'm convinced this stuff won't last. Silly perhaps, but I've been noticing I've been hungry now and again, something I thought maybe was lost.

Later. A walk, nothing happening at the apartment house construction site, the sky overcast with a few birds out on the far side of the lake. A picture of a seagull as I stood still for a minute or two with the camera, waiting for it to take off as the others around it had done. But no dice. He was looking at me but not about to move.

On then by the horn player. He was playing softly, but playing with skill and I suspect he's probably pretty good. On farther seeing an egret and then another egret in the distance taking one or two pictures. Back home then to lie down and take a nap. Tired, really tired for whatever sleep I may or may not have gotten last night.

Up now to run through a few chords, pack the guitar and get ready to head out to the lesson. I need to pick up something at the pharmacy so we'll head out a little early.

Later still. Ah, well. My guitar teacher is a saint. Still, a good lesson assigned for this coming week. I suspect I'll more happily spend the time required to get it down. A good sign? Am I just pumping myself for the coming week's practice? We'll see. We usually do.

Back home on the bus. I photographed this lady feeding seagulls by the bus stop when I returned from the lesson last week. Other people, other habits.

Evening. Watched another chapter of the new Korean soap without too much damage. Still a bit tired so we'll get to bed early by nine, see when we can get to sleep. An ambitious stretch but we're up for it.

The photo up top was taken today along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.