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March 14, 2014

If I Do
Friday. And so to bed not long after eleven, up with the alarm without undue effort, getting out the door to breakfast on an overcast, but going to be a nice morning. Or so they say. I say.

I mentioned I ordered a camera last week that's due to arrive, well, today. I've been turning it over in my mind this last week while it's been in the mail: why did I order this thing when I don't really need it? Logic said no, emotion said go.

Sometimes it's good to go with your emotion (he said). I really don't need to buy/acquire any more camera gear now for a very long time, not so much to keep the budget intact, but because I already have anything and everything anyone doing my kind of photography would conceivably need. Stupidity in smaller doses can be OK, but just remember larger doses can be fatal stupid.

Are you at least excited it's coming?

I'm pondering. And waiting for the UPS truck to arrive.

Later. It arrived just after nine, so waiting on the camera this morning isn't going to be a drawn out affair. Fine. Unpacked the thing, plugged the battery into the charger and read the necessary sections of the manual to make the usual settings.

I'd had the dry/plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas for breakfast so didn't expect a dry mouth that came on strong around ten when the camera arrived and lasted for a good hour, so we did the camera setup feeling a bit funky. It ran its course and was gone after that hour, so we were out the door with the camera to test the thing with the 24-70mm lens, see if it can indeed take pictures.

A walk over to the apartment construction site where they seem to be gearing up again, almost more equipment sitting on the site than they have space, positioning the steel beam supports that will anchor the external walls of the building when I arrived. This is going to take some time before it's done.

Off then to lunch to have a tuna fish sandwich and lemonade, back to take a couple of more pictures of the construction site and then to the apartment to look at the pictures on the computer and discover both Lightroom and Photoshop haven't been updated yet and can't open or view them. Oh-oh! I believe that was the phrase I used: oh-oh!

A look at the Adobe site to see there is indeed a Camera RAW beta release for this camera, downloaded the thing and discovered it only works in the earlier Photoshop 6.0 (but not on the new CC version I'm now using), and doesn't work at all in Lightroom. Ah. One does not expect to receive sympathy here, one is realistic.

Evening. The day has continued to be nice, the dry mouth didn't return and so we slip into evening. The Friday night New Tricks this evening at eight. Don't know much about this British series, but with last week's episode they replaced most of the actors playing the major characters with new ones. A white knuckle moment for its producers you'd think, whenever this was originally done.

Another two hour chapter of the Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes this evening again starting at nine and running until eleven. I was thinking it wasn't a repeat of the episode another public station had run last night, but discovered it was the same one and so we bail and get to bed early. The St. Patrick's Day Parade is running in San Francisco in the morning and I want to be coherent ready and able.

Your new camera that both Lightroom and Photoshop won't yet recognize. Are you still going to use it to shoot the parade tomorrow?

Maybe. Probably. If I do it's going to be a hassle.

The photo up top was taken at the bus stop yesterday at Grand and Webster with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.