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March 2, 2011

Semblance of Balance

Wednesday. A normal sort of a night's sleep, I think, up at six with the alarm, back now at the apartment on a rainy morning getting ready for my guitar lesson at ten. I practiced yesterday, but not enough, playing as if I'd never before in my life picked up a guitar. Not sure why, not sure what that's about, but I'm assuming that's the way the road is constructed. You go over bumps. Let's see how it goes at the lesson this morning.

Later. A bumpy lesson, but I'm home now having stopped by the 7-11 look alike to pick up a pint of ice cream, the mouth dry and unpleasant. Something to do with the sinus-upper palate thing, maybe something to do with the ocular migraines, but I'm thinking not. Otherwise I'd be, um, melding with the apartment. You don't do a lot of writing when you're melding with the apartment.

So maybe a nap, see how that goes. I'm not overly tired, but this particular brand of dry mouth gets my attention, not that I'm all that familiar with dry mouth in this life. Maybe just lie down for a while and see what happens. See if I drift off for another hour. One can always use another hour of sleep (he said confidently). Or a pint of ice cream.

Later still. OK, an extra shot of the Tramadol for the head (this I don't do all that often), an hour lying down listening to the radio, up now feeling better. Just a little bump in the road to navigate in the middle of a week, nothing too upsetting, we're back now to reality. We're back to our little version of reality and ready again for the day. What's left of it.

Well, another hour has passed since the last paragraph and I indeed do feel better, sitting here scanning more black and white negatives. I don't really have all that many more of value, I mentioned most of them taken during those days are crap, but I would like to get them done. So I'm doing them. Not particularly stressful, just, you know, painting out scratches and dust with an electronic pen. Kinda nice.

Oh, and that week I said would compress into three or four days in getting another page done because I'd get a hair up my whatever and do them more quickly than I was projecting? Well, I finished the group that day (yesterday) and put them up. Some of them will be replaced with better shots, some of them will have others added in between the frames (my “sections” displaying the small thumbnails often have other photographs inside). So good. We're making progress. He said.

Evening. A walk down the hill for sushi and sake, home now feeling pretty good. We'll do some time on the guitar, put off scanning any more photographs until tomorrow (if there are any left worthy of scanning) and see how the morning arrives. All this up and down, up and down has me on edge. Back off now, relax, keep some semblance of balance. (hup, hup)

The photograph was taken at the Wisconsin public union support rally in San Francisco with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.