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March 3, 2011

We're Making Progress

Thursday. Perhaps my little - hup! hup! - last evening after sushi and sake down the street was a bit misplaced as I had another mild meld into the bed optical migraine event last night after developing the dry mouth thing and lying down for about an hour in an attempt to sort it out. The sake, I'm sure, not the sushi. Not very much alcohol seems to have kicked it off, I'm afraid, but I can't think a little rice, a little raw fish and a sliver of frozen green tea cheese cake could be a trigger. Maybe those spicy mussels? Nah. Such is life.

Rain last night, cloudy with a drop or two of rain as I got up this morning (without the alarm) just before six, off to breakfast and back before eight, the sun coming in through the sliding glass doors now as I write. Feeling pretty much like a human being, nothing whatsoever wrong with that, the day ahead. Maybe a little laundry later, get a head start.

Later. A bright, sunny day, the temperature just fine, a three or so mile walk around the downtown with a meandering walk back to the apartment, having picked up a monthly bus pass ($20, can't beat that) and a cup of coffee out in front of Peet's. A picture or two, nothing special, but it's a good sign when you find yourself shooting. Sometimes you get something nice, sometimes you don't, but clearly there's interest there and the brain is cooking as opposed to frying. Well, functioning. One must be accurate in March when you're a Pisces.

One note as I was walking along one of the sidewalks lined with cherry trees. I think May when I think cherry blossoms, but there were two or three small bunches in bloom. Is spring on the way? I'm thinking it might be, deedle-dee-dee.

I spent most of the morning scanning more black and white negatives. I'm into a number of them now where I don't remember their names, but certainly remember their presence and they need to be included. I keep saying I'm finished, I've found all there are to be found, but I seem to keep stumbling into new ones. Again, no complaints. I'm happy to be happy to be doing them. Or have we lost it here, tripping as we're skipping along the edge?

I'll let you know when you're there. The red flags don't go up until you regress to the age of about twelve. Anything less than twelve needs some intervention.

Too bad about that. Twelve and younger was one of those happier times in this life of mine.

Later still. Any minor aches and pains from this morning's walk have gone and the attitude is holding. Some time spent on the guitar. I've been learning a couple of simple tunes on my own, one of them In My Life by the Beatles. I've been playing the melody, but went through the chords for the first time today, all of them chords I've been practicing now since I started the lessons. My, my. There seems to be method in these lessons of mine. Maybe we're making progress.

The photograph was taken at a jazz photography show opening at the Berkeley public library with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.