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Late yesterday afternoon at Chevy's.

Under here.

March 6, 2008

I'm Thinking
Thursday. Yesterday was better than many. I found myself loading Windows XP on this my main computer, something I've been putting off since last June. It appears to be going well. I found the serial numbers for many a piece of software and loaded them without undue incident. Adobe didn't send me any messages suggesting I'd installed their stuff now on too many computers. Which is good. Because I haven't. Yet. And then Mr. E called later in the day to say the usual crew was having a late afternoon beverage with Christine at the Chevy's in the Hilltop Mall, so that worked out pretty good too. I needed a break. I needed an excuse. Nauseating, is it not? All this bright chirpy stuff so early in the morning? Well, so early in the afternoon?

Overcast today, finishing up the computer and putting off running various errands until tomorrow. The doctor phoned in a new lower strength prescription that I'll pick up tomorrow. We decided at Chevy's on the Nantucket for dinner tomorrow to plan Mr. M's bachelor party. You can tell you're getting older and less energetic as Mr. M's intended will be attending too: no need to protect her tender sensibilities from discussions of dancing lessons given gratis by ladies in novel costume, no need to decide if we will want an insurance override guaranteeing against fire, hail, earthquake and police interventions. I've only been to the Nantucket once (with pretty much the same crew) as it's located up on the river just under the Carquinez bridge. A funky place with reasonably good food and a waitress who favors Mr. E. Did I mention the Nantucket was his suggestion?

Later. They once paid me a lot of money to design and test standard desktop configurations to be used on the company computers - it's as complicated as you care to make it when it needs to work for ten thousand people - but a whole lot of the do's and don't are fading, my friends, fading rapidly. Security settings. How to allow Active-X when you're opening a file that's sitting on your own computer? Well, there's a check box to check, no big deal, but I've found I've had to sift a little harder to remember check boxes hidden in menus I was familiar with not so very long ago. A benefit I'm thinking. Here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken Wednesday at Chevy's with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor lens at 1/80th second, f 1.4, ISO 1000.