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Rockridge BART station.

Under here.

March 7, 2008

Sorted It Out
Friday. In waiting at the Rockridge BART station for Mr. S to pick me up late Wednesday afternoon I photographed some of the two-thousand tiles created by survivors of the 1991 Oakland Hills fire. Many of them were made as remembrances of pets that were lost - there were a lot of them - many of them eliciting emotions of every which kind in a unique and powerful way. I've photographed them before, but it's been some time and I'd forgotten their emotional impact.

We've been planning on dinner at a restaurant up in Crockett later this afternoon, but we're realizing taking a cab from the Richmond BART station may be problematical and none of us really knows what a cab might cost for a trip covering fifteen miles. Shouldn't be that bad. Split six ways. Rather like taking a cab to the airport. I've done that and survived the cab, if not the flight. Then again, how hard to catch a cab back later? Well, we have cell phones, there are people in the taxi business with cell phones prepared to set out after dark. I suspect we'll figure something out.

Anybody following the primary elections? You too? Interesting, aren't they? Maybe too interesting. I'm not sure how we've survived as long as we have but that may be an old guy thing - predictable at a certain age - the mind wanders and the thought eventually occurs: who in their right mind would want this Presidency business so much they'd put up with all this crap? But they do and they are so I'll just mind my mittens and watch. And eventually vote when they've sorted it out.

The photograph was taken at the Rockridge BART station with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor lens at 1/200th second, f 1.4, ISO 200.