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Oakland Blues Festival

March 3rd, 2004

Need A Drink
Had the teeth cleaned yesterday after work. The hygenist always comments when she sees the xrays in my file, the bands of metal under the gums, the ease with which they'd be able to identify me in a forensics exam. I hope I never have to be identified by the metal in my mouth. One hopes one is identified by less ominous methods: "who might you be, deedle-dee-dee, young man with a smile?"

"I am the Sole Proprietor", I might reply.

The Sole Proprietor? What kind of whacko calls himself "The Sole Proprietor"?

Not I, not I. (Except here in front of the world.)

A Long day at work?

Well, yes. It's always a long day at work, but I'm feeling better, the head clearer, the energy higher, the weight lower, the head less heavy, the mouth still numb. And the days are getting longer and the sun is beginning to shine. We should throw in a tap dance here, a little sugar to help get the sugar down.

I haven't shot a picture in quite a while. I haven't even really gone through the new scanning software on the new scanner in any detail (they give you thirty days of free software support and it's best to get your questions answered before it runs out).

"'s best to get your questions answered before it runs out." What a crock.

Writing that says nothing. Nice safe empty headed sentiments. I need a drink.

The photograph was taken at the 1999 Oakland Blues Festival with a Nikon F90s and a 35- 70mm f2.8 Nikkor (Nikon) lens on TMax TMY 400.