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Under Construction
A recent lunch in Oakland

March 6th, 2004

Hurt To Look
I guess I could start with another "Thank God It's Friday" entry, since I'm taking Friday and Monday off, but I've probably done enough of them by now (including this one).

This is to be the weekend I look at cars, providing nothing too terminal is announced tomorrow at the office. I think I'm all right, but you never know. There's stuff going on and it's getting closer. When I was in the army they taught me how to "walk artillery" along an enemy line. Feels like someone's walking it in on me this time and the explosions are getting closer.

You're waiting for whatever to go boom before you do what? What is it that you can only do then that you can't do now?

I have no idea. One reason for the car is to take long weekends and "shoot pictures". Since I now have these new studio lights bought at no small expense sitting in my living room, what's my need to get out of town (to shoot pictures)? Why not shoot right here in my living room and run my current car until it rots?

I dropped off five rolls of black and white I've had sitting on the shelf for the last, what, two months? I'm clearly not going to develop it myself which means I didn't need to buy that roll film attachment for the new scanner. In talking with the lab owner he mentioned my old camera shop near my office is planing to open again. They've evidently been in that location since 1938. Maybe things are looking up.

Saturday, late morning. Well. A beautiful day in the low seventies, the farmer's market crowded with people buying "organic" stuff. My seedless Mandarin oranges vendor was out, but what the hell, my day won't be derailed by a lack of oranges.

Last night I went into the city with friends, had many drinks at an Irish Pub and then dinner at The House Of Prime Rib on Van Ness. Been some time since I've been to the House of Prime Rib, been some time since I've had prime rib (with really good Horseradish). Been a long time since I've blown a hundred bucks on beer and beef. Been a long time since I've had a Saturday morning hangover, but I think its had its run. I feel pretty good. I think I'll surf the web for automobiles. I'm not going to buy one, you understand, but it can't hurt to look.

The photograph was taken at a recent lunch with a Nikon F3 and a 50mm f1.2 Nikkor (Nikon) lens on Kodak Portra 400BW and developed using C-41 chemistry by a walk in photo shop of no great reputation.