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Blues Alley festival, Oakland

March 1st, 2004

Still Fighting It
A very low key weekend, a walk downtown and back on Saturday, a walk downtown and a bus back on Sunday. Watched two movies on DVD, Lost In Translation and a subtitled Korean flick of no special interest. Liked Lost, no surprises.

Today we were told what our bonus will be on Friday. It varies by grade and performance and I was expecting (given my wonderful attitude) to be shafted. I was not shafted. I was pleasantly surprised. How am I going to complain? I'm not. I'm not.

Tonight, finish the taxes, clean the desk, update the check book and think about the long weekend as I'm taking Friday and Monday off to celebrate my birthday. Yes, and test driving one or two cars. Or not test driving one or two cars. The hell with it, this will have worked itself out by this time next Monday.

Element-al, my dear Proprietor.

For you maybe, I'm still fighting it.

The photograph was taken at a Blues Alley festival in Oakland with a Nikon F90s and a 35- 70mm f2.8 Nikkor (Nikon) lens on Ektachrome S100 with an SB-26 camera mounted strobe.