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Bust in downtown Oakland window.

March 22nd, 2003

He Shoots Buses
Polly warned me that Art and Life displayed as a jumble of letters in her browser. I took a quick look with an older version of Netscape and couldn't resolve the page. Some of the underlying pages displayed badly, but it was obvious from looking at the style sheet what was happening. How long ago did I learn Netscape couldn't handle an underscore in a font name? The journal doesn't have them. There's a reason for that. None of my company pages have them. How long has Art and Life had them? Months? Months and months? I wonder if I have a mental block about finishing Art and Life. Why don't I finish putting up the pictures? Why do I, why do I? Why don't I be quiet?

Because, sweetie, you're a fucking neurotic who writes with nothing inside your little noggin.

Well, yes. The head. Nothing inside. Writing.

The week was a long week and I'm still feeling dizzy. Part of that is the long hours, but there's obviously something more. My guess is I'll feel better as I get more rest, except the work isn't allowing much rest at the moment, and guessing is only guessing. I printed out a spec sheet on the car, but I have no desire to buy a car until the dizziness subsides. Yes, I can drive. Yes, I make jokes about it, "too dizzy and dangerous to walk, so I drove", but there's an element of truth in it. Just take it easy, my man, shuffle the books into the new book cases (this could take weeks), take it easy, see how the energy flows and look for the time when I find myself out there again shooting pictures. I'm not quite out there yet shooting pictures.

Walking back from breakfast I noticed a guy with a camera across the street shooting pictures of a passing bus. OK. He watched me shoot a picture of the Grand Lake Theater marquee (another variation on their anti-war message), so he said hello in passing. He was older, thin and two ticks off the time edgy. Turns out he was shooting buses. I should get a picture of the number six, he said, a line that is evidently soon to be closed. Buses.

Made me feel better about my own obsession with shooting people's expressions. I can explain shooting people's expressions. I'm not sure how you explain buses. He shoots buses.

The photograph was taken of a bust displayed in a downtown Oakland window.