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Along Lake Merritt in Oakland.

March 23rd, 2003

Bringing Us To Harm
The books on the rug in the living room are now up inside book cases of their own. After a year. It looks, you know, like a living room. All of the remaining boxes, there are many remaining boxes, are piled against the opposite wall (one, after all, does not expect miracles), but the book case half of the living room seems practically under control. Like a living room. I would say inviting, but there's only so far you can go with an old bachelor riff like this. Still, it's a start.

It is actually Saturday evening. The head is still twisted, the ears are ringing, but I'm feeling better. For some reason I've been playing some really old lp's stored on the bottom record shelf, stuff I listened to before rock and roll, before I had any idea what was Ok and what should be listened to at night, alone, away from the neighbors. Vaughn Monroe. Jesus. It's really treacle on a stick, but I like the voice and I like the songs, if not the interpretations. It would not surprise me if I never played this record again, there only being so many years in a life, but I've had my once a decade fix of "Riders in the Sky" and that's to the good. Vaughn Monroe followed by Guy Clark's "Desperados Waiting for the Train" off his Old No. 1 album. Life is good.

Sunday. The day went reasonably well, making me think my dizziness yesterday was more an effect of a long week at work than anything else. A walk downtown, a couple of pictures, a Caesar salad and a Guinness at PCB, a ride back on the bus. Breakfast at The Old Mill, coffee and a cookie down the way near the lake. High powered living here in Oakland.

I think I'll take a week off the week of the 31st. See how the head feels after a week of sleeping in. Go through the routine with the car. Test drive a couple of others just to say I've done it, talk with AAA about their purchase program, finish boxing up the extra stuff in the living room and put it in the storage locker. Check out the storage locker, come to think of it, to see if it leaked over the winter. And get Art and Life presentable.

I wrote something about Iraq earlier that I axed. Too much about Iraq. There are soldiers hunkered down right now, alone in a desert fighting like animals, who will be fighting like animals until Baghdad falls. And even then, even then, who knows when it will end? As an American I support the troops. As a former soldier I support the troops. War sucks and they're in the middle of it. Otherwise, I think this war is crazy and is bringing us to harm.

The photograph was taken waiting for a bus in the Lake Merritt - Grand Lake Theater area of Oakland.