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Grand Lake theater district in Oakland.

March 21st, 2003

On Much Longer
A project from hell is due at the end of next week and I am sitting here understanding how it got its name. It also happens to be my project, but that's not really a consideration. We all have projects, we all budget our time: double time, rhythm time, rhyme time, me and mime time. We all have projects and we have to get them done. It's just that they build up (over time) and our heads lose their reason (and rhyme) and I write ridiculous paragraphs like this. On a Friday. In the middle of a war. In Oakland.

Yes, I'm listening the the radio and following the war. Don't know if I'll travel to San Francisco tomorrow to shoot whatever protests are scheduled. They had a large demonstration yesterday, some of it spilling over into Oakland. A strange day, police cars and vans and trucks parked in the middle of the Oakland streets surrounded by riot police, helicopters flying in low over the buildings. Everything cool, but hundreds gathered in front of Oakland City Hall before traveling over on BART to participate in San Francisco. They say fourteen hundred people arrested. I'm ambivalent about people acting out and getting arrested. I don't particularly think it's useful, this acting out and getting arrested, although it will get worse if the war goes on much longer.

The photograph was taken recently in the Grand Lake theater district in Oakland.