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Primary election day, Oakland

March 13th, 2002

Sending Them Tomorrow
Another rocket motor day: too much, too soon, too fast, hope to god it doesn't last, pass the bread and butter, please, lunch will soon be over. I heard a lot of stories or I was in the mood to hear a lot of stories or my demeanor attracted people who told me a lot of stories today about politics and problems and people leaving the company, people thinking of leaving the company and people who'd left the company and felt just swell.

I gotta start hanging with more upbeat people and I'd do that, except I'm the worst offender. I even write about it. It would be nice, though, to feel swell again. One comment by someone who is leaving the company at the end of this week: "Understand this is the culture you'll find in most companies. What we had was unique in the business world. It's over, get used to it."

OK. Enough of that. The photo is of the two Jerry Brown campaigners I ran into on Tuesday. I've thought of going back and moving photos like these into the entry I made when I wrote about them, but I know it will never happen. (Well, never. Never is a long time. Let's just say it's unlikely.) I did make two prints I'm sending to them tomorrow.

The photograph was taken Tuesday near Oakland City Hall.