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Powell near Market, San Francisco

March 11th, 2002

For Today
Both photographs were taken Saturday on Powell, near Market Street, in San Francisco. I'm still not sure what the, um, demonstration was about. One of the participants (below) was wearing a t-shirt with "Axles of Evil" hand stenciled on it, which seems to indicate it had something to do with Bush's Axis of Evil pronouncements about Iraq, Iran and North Korea, but I don't know if that was the idea for the whole affair or whether "Axles of Evil" was a one off statement by one or two participants as part of an expression of something more general.

I have another roll still in the camera with more photographs of these folks and I'll be curious if they give a better indication of what this was about. Bush's "Axis of Evil" pronouncements, which seem to imply he, and therefor we, are going to war with them, do make me nervous. Many bad things can happen if it isn't handled with care and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure that out. But, of course, that's the nature of war. People make decisions, shit happens, people die, good people, bad people, so maybe that's what they were marching (running) about. I suggest, however, they use clearer, easier to read signs in the future.

I got a call from my family doctor today saying he'd gotten the results of the PSA test I had last Friday and I was, um, dealing with my urologist on this, right? Yes, I said, understanding he wouldn't call if the numbers weren't bad. The numbers were bad. I assume I'll be having another biopsy soon. Life is hinting maybe I don't need to worry overly much about providing for my retirement, which is depressing. Then again, it makes me understand it was probably a good idea to spend all that money on camera gear these last few years instead of putting it in the bank. Sometimes, I guess, in the telling of the fable of the grasshopper and the ant, the grasshopper turns out to have had the better idea. Hi, ho. Heck.

I got an email from Annie suggesting I buy some of the small rubber lined flannel crib pads they sell at baby shopsPowell near Market, San Francisco and use those to throw over my chairs instead of the old newspapers, as the newsprint will bleed into the chairs and stain them. I hadn't thought of that. Good advice. Part of the great and foreign (to me) knowledge pool acquired at not small expense in the raising of children. I received similar advice some time back from another journaler who suggested I buy the rubber lined rugs you can find in larger Walmart and Rite Aid style stores and I did go out and buy some and still use them to good effect on the carpets. My, my: Rubber lined flannel. American technology at the cutting edge.

Wuss, by the way, managed to leak a veritable lake onto my leg as I picked him up to put him on my lap this evening. The jeans I was wearing are in the wash as I write. Cats, cats, cats. Some of you who have visited here may have also read Rien's entry for today.

The photographs were taken on Powell Street near Market in San Francisco last Saturday.