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Powell, near Market Street, San Francisco

March 14th, 2002

Some Hackles
These folks represent a more dominant theme in the demonstration I stumbled onto Saturday in San Francisco. The name tag on the woman reads "Scrappy Doo" and there are a number of people in what appear to be dog nose and whisker makeup. (Is there such a thing as dog nose and whisker makeup? Is this something I missed as a kid? As an adult? As an old fart?) I get the rest of the photos back tomorrow. I think I'll put together a separate page so people can decide for themselves. I haven't assembled a page of photos of an event since the early days before this became a journal and it was just a series of entries with photographs and a few comments. Might be fun.

Another rocket motor day at the office, except I enjoyed myself more, not so many rough edges dealingPowell near Market, San Francisco  with the blizzard of, um, stuff. I am, after all, a techie, and it is fun, when you get a little time to yourself, to troubleshoot a problem, come up with an answer. You're familiar with planning tools like the Franklin organizer? Day to day "things to do" lists? Four hundred and fifty ways to keep your commitments? I haven't had to use one for the last three years. I'm using one now. I spend an hour in the morning going through my to do list before sending it to the printer, trimming the output with a paper cutter and then punching it with a special order Franklin punch. Really anal, only without the thrill you get with an enema. Or a prostate exam. And it's OK. For now.

MSW resigned this week. MSW is a good friend, not a close friend. One of those "I'd like to have been closer, but she had other plans" kind of friendships. Makes me sad. Then again, best not to let such things get in the way of other possibilities. Is this opaque enough? I try not to talk about people who make my heart go pitty-pat-pat, since there's always a chance my thoughts will get back to unnecessarily embarrass, so I focus on the things and not the people who make my heart go thump. Goodbye, MSW. You shall remain in my memories. (Until, I imagine, the Alzheimer's arrives.)

It just occurred to me "Scooby Doo" is a cartoon character, a bear, right? Not a dog at all. How embarrassing. Not embarrassing enough, I guess, to go back and make changes. This demonstration may have been more lame than I originally imagined. The guy with the "Axles of Evil" on his shirt at least brought the possibility of raising some hackles.

The photographs were taken on Powell near Market in San Francisco on Saturday.