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Grand Avenue, Oakland
March 28th, 2000

So Shoot Me
Let's see, they killed Billy in Ally McBeal last night. I wonder if their success (I assume they're having success.) is driving up the cost of their actors or if the focus groups have reported a decline in Billy's appeal or what? Or maybe the actor that played Billy got a better offer. What do I know? What do I want to know? I went to Pamie's site and followed a link that led to an Ally McBeal forum and realized, after reading a dozen or so entries, that I had no idea what has happened, what is happening, and what may happen and how awful, everybody was saying, how really awful this series has become. Maybe I'll just watch it on Monday nights and keep my mouth shut. What do I know?

I will say one thing: the number of fucking advertisements on Channel 2 makes you pay double for every McBeal minute, good or bad, Billy live or Billy dead with a blizzard of butt ugly commercial rubbish. But then I guess you already know that. It's just that I seem to forget during the week and then I'm surprised when I watch it again. Age and nerve gas seem to have similar effects.

There's a frozen valve down inside my Toyota that can't be easily replaced, which means my rugged OATS at lunch. and loyal Toyota can't be smogged, which means my rugged and loyal Toyota is history, which means I really do have to buy a car next month. I figured I might wiggle out of it. Now, with the reality of gas going over $2 a gallon (and what do you bet it stays at $2 through the rest of the year until it increases again?), should I buy something that gets good gas mileage? Something small, city sensible and big car crunchable or should I look for a deal on a gas guzzling Jeep? The Jeep. What else? I burn maybe a tank of gas every month. The only question I have is how long can I go without a car? I do have to buy groceries. I'll drive down to the DMV to get my driver's license renewed this week, but otherwise my bullet proof run forever die never Toyota is done. RIP. My guess is the March 2000 sticker on the license plate makes it safe to drive until Saturday. How do you unload an unlicensed automobile other than to drive it to a junk yard and give them the keys? And hitch a ride home?

A journaler friend at The Same Road Traveled has been told that she has breast cancer, albeit in its very early stages, with a prognosis for full recovery that is very good. This cannot have been the best day in her life. Best of wishes to you Annie from me and the Wuss.

The banner photograph was taken on Grand Avenue, another experiment with the camera sitting on the table and tripping the shutter as people passed. So it's not so great, but I can do better. OK, I'm running out of pictures. The second photo was taken last Thursday at lunch. OK, she's cute. So shoot me.