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Lunch, what else?
March 29th, 2000

Fun To Think About
Light in the morning, lots of light. Another year has begun and it's time to figure out what to do with it. I called SF State over in San Francisco's media gulch this morning and asked if I was still registered for the beginning Illustrator class on Saturday (three Saturdays in a row, all day long, two people to a Macintosh) and, or course, I wasn't. I'd paid using their automated telephone system and although it said it had taken the payment, I didn't see it on my next statement. This was in January, remember, dark morning January, when I was in a funk and straightening out a glitched payment was too much to ask. For PhotoShop, maybe, but not an Illustrator class. This morning, however, seeing the sun at seven, I realized time was 'a wasting. The class still had openings (Three days before starting, is this a good sign?) and I re-registered over the phone. Now I have to find the password I created on that phone payment system two months ago and do it again.

One thing, they want their students to take a "Macintosh" proficiency test before they can start. I At the SF Chinese New Year Parade. don't use a Macintosh. I could never afford one back in the old days when I was first learning computers, things like rent and food coming first, and the company I work for now has maybe two or three hundred Macintoshes in the entire organization (and ten thousand PC's). I had one on my desk for about six months four years ago that I used to play with some of the neat Macintosh screen savers. I liked the one that would punch bullet holes into the screen, single round holes from a .45 with the nasty cracks radiating out, horrendous shotgun blasts and submachinegun bullets stitched in various calibers. I think one of my compatriots loaned it to an unusually attractive woman down in sales and I never saw it again. Do you suppose if I mention the bullet hole expertise to the Illustrator instructor she'll let me skip the test? Just show up on Saturday? I would think so. I don't see how she could fail to be impressed.

How's spring going out there in the rest of the world? I ran into a woman the other day I once had a bit of a crush on and it sensitized me to the fact there's a world out there populated by all kinds of interesting other stuff. Finding Miss Right is probably not in the cards, since, if she's smart (and she's smart), she's out on an island somewhere surfing the Pacific, but that doesn't mean other kinds of adventure can't be scattered around just waiting for some bright eyed son of a bitch to stumble across them or shoot their picture or whatever it is you do when you find an adventure here in a town you once thought might be the end of the rainbow. Not a glint of truth in it, maybe, but it was fun to think about.

The banner photograph was taken sometime in the last couple of months during lunch. I dunno. It's better than the one I didn't run. The mask was photographed at the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade and I don't remember anything about it.