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June 30, 2016

Not Tonight

Thursday. To bed early, to sleep early, awakening at six. Which means maybe half an hour more sleep than I usually get. Will it make a difference? I usually ramble on about feeling “good” and “clear headed” in the early mornings as I'm walking to breakfast and then back to sit here and wrestle with before posting yesterday's entry, this then devolving, as the hours pass, into an interminable description of how it's all going downhill until we reach a point where we're feeling mostly, if not completely, fucked up. Another trip down this memory lane today? I guess we'll know soon enough.

They're saying up into the seventies today and there was none of yesterday's overcast this morning while walking to breakfast. Yes, I'm feeling good, clear headed and up for whatever if I'm not kidding myself.

Later. Finally realized it was Thursday, not Friday, and that I didn't have to wait on a package to be delivered around the noon, so I set out to learn the downtown bus I take at my corner stop has extended its route and now terminates at the train station and lets off now at Jack London Square. Not only that, but it runs every twenty minutes instead of every thirty minutes. This means my options have been greatly expanded by quite a bit at a time when every bit is worth its weight in gold.

You thought it was Friday? Your idea of clear headed?

Clear headed and feeling good. My excuse this morning in going to Jack London Square, other than I haven't been there in months, was I needed to buy a kitchen towel to replace one that's been rapidly turning into a moth eaten rag. A trivial enough task, getting a kitchen towel, but one I've been putting off now for months and, as I've said, any excuse is a good excuse if it gets us out the door.

Anyway, a kitchen towel (as well as clothes hangers) later from Bed, Bath and Beyond later, we hopped a free bus to the Broadway ATM and then another bus home. Much seems to have gotten done today by two in the afternoon.

Arrived home, however, to find the apartment house front door wide open. This is not a neighborhood where you leave your front door unlocked, let alone wide open and clearly visible from the street. No one was about, no one seemed to be moving furniture or boxes and so I closed the door.

Later, talking with the apartment house manager, thinking maybe a new resident didn't understand you can't leave an open door unattended, he said one of the residents had experienced a “heart attack/slipped in the shower/something like that” and they'd moved him out to an ambulance on a gurney and thus the wide open door.


Later still. It's been a good afternoon, the energy good and leading to happily completing a number of tasks I've been putting off, to include finishing the processing of the LGBT Parade photographs (we have indeed scraped together another section), playing with the guitar (when's the last time I've done that?) and taking out the trash.

Evening. Listened to the last half of Democracy Now I'd missed this morning while finishing a third section for the LGBT Parade. One or two jump off the page, which is nice, but they all at least are representative of what I look for in a candid portrait. So good.

The day has gone remarkably well. Feel as good right now as I did at breakfast, again, the mind clear, the energy driving us to do all kinds of things I've been avoiding for too long, all of it done with a smile. Which probably means we'll crap out like crazy tomorrow. That seems to be the script.

So, cooking along, what do we do now? Have a drink to slow the brain? Stay up late to watch Code Black on television tonight at ten instead of putting it off until tomorrow to watch on the tablet?

Five years ago, maybe. Probably. But not today, not tonight.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.